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Zip Xpress is one of the largest less-than-truckload specialized furniture carriers
delivering on time and damage-free shipments in the United States.

Why Compare LTL Furniture Shipping Carriers

Compare LTL Furniture Carriers

At Zip Xpress we understand that you’re researching your LTL furniture carrier options. And you should.
With so many LTL furniture carriers out there today, how else would you know which one to choose? You might be asking yourself:

You might be asking yourself:

-Who is going to provide the best service?

-What company is going to understand all the hard work and effort put into my product once that furniture gets loaded onto the truck?

-We know what your dealers and installers want. We have over 15 years experience as an LTL furniture carrier for some of the best companies in the world.

We’d love to start a long-term LTL furniture carrier relationship with you, too.

Read on for more information about our on-time, safe and sound LTL carrier options and hear from some of our current furniture carrier customers.

LTL Furniture Carrier Questions

  1. What is the LTL furniture service area?
  2. How often are LTL furniture pickups and deliveries scheduled?
  3. What is average LTL furniture transit time for shipments?
  4. Do you have LTL furniture customer testimonials?
  5. How do you treat your LTL furniture shippers?

Meet Zip Xpress - your dedicated LTL furniture carrier

  • On time LTL furniture shipping
  • Damage free LTL furniture shipping
  • Responsive LTL furniture shipping team to meet needs for flexible pick-up time and delivery tracking
  • Competitive pricing for LTL furniture shipping
  • Experienced LTL furniture shipping freight handlers treat each package with care
  • LTL furniture loading processes that keep your shipment safe from origin to destination
  • LTL furniture Road Pilots® who understand the importance of representing you in transit and during delivery

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LTL Furniture Testimonials

Don’t just listen to us, hear from some of our dedicated LTL furniture shippers that ship all across the United States.

Michael Hagner - LTL Furniture Shipper

We are honored to be Common Sense Office Furniture’s dedicated LTL furniture carrier. Common Sense Office Furniture has been servicing Florida and the greater Orlando area for over a decade with constant growth.

Kelly Cutler-Shafer - LTL Furniture Shipper

We are honored to be Charter House Innovation’s dedicated LTL furniture carrier. At Charter House Innovations, they design, manufacture, and deliver custom seating and décor.

Jim Peterson - LTL Furniture Shipper

We are honored to be Studio Craft’s dedicated LTL furniture carrier. StudioCraft is a creative fabrication company that specializes in creating project specific solutions for systems furniture applications. Those solutions range from custom fascia, built on modular frames, to innovative one-off solutions.

LTL Furniture Photos

Here are a few photos of our LTL furniture shipments all setup and ready for LTL furniture on time and damage free delivery!

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