Zip Xpress offers Headload, Blanket wrap, Expedited and LTL services from Michigan to the East Coast, West Coast, Southwest, Southeast, New England and Western Canada. Ask us about innovative Zip Xpress optimization programs.

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Expedited LTL Solution

There are two types of expedites. First is the one you know about in advance. Once you know, call us as late as 24 hours in advance and we will be there. Then there is the expedite you don’t know is coming. No problem. Call us when you find out; we will accommodate your needs.

Zip Xpress Expedite: The solution you need at a price you understand.

Blanket Wrap Solution

Zip Xpress Inc. is one of the few time-specific LTL carriers
providing commercial LTL Blanket Wrap service to markets in
the West Coast, Southwest, Southeast, East Coast, and New England.

  • 15 Years of successful Blanket Wrap LTL service
  • All Blanket Wrap is direct door-to-door delivery
  • 100 percent air-ride logistic trailers
  • Appointment delivery available
  • All pieces labeled and identified
  • Professionally trained freight handlers
  • Team service available
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Headload Solution

Undecided about whether to ship as LTL or Truckload?

Give our Optimized Headload Solution a try. Each week at Zip Xpress, numerous truckloads are optimized into partial truckloads or Headloads, in which your rate is based upon only the space you are using. We have been doing this safely for more than a decade, servicing all types of commodities, including high-value, time-sensitive products, and job-site deliveries accommodating a.m. or p.m. hand-over. Have a weekend delivery? No problem … and no delay in service.

  • 100 percent door-to-door direct deliveries
  • No re-handle, break-bulk, or relay stations
  • 100 percent team drivers to all West Coast points
  • 100 percent air-ride logistic trailers
LTL Solution

Zip Xpress has a unique, user-friendly, and sustainable LTL business model that is vastly different than the usual method offered by LTL carriers. We offer more options versus the model of hub and spoke, break-bulk, or relay methods being used by virtually all other LTL carriers. Our approach reduces handling by more than 75 percent, with fast transit times and measurably reduced damage incidents.

  • Minimum-charge shipments
  • Inside delivery
  • Lift gate
  • On-line tracing; POD’s
  • On-line quoting
  • Special requests always accommodated
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“We promise to treat your shipment with the utmost care, delivering it on time and damage free.”

Some of the world’s smartest companies trust Zip Xpress to deliver their products

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