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How Can You Not Love This Event?

Walk for Wishes Benefit Brings Out Crowd to the Zoo

A light drizzle at the start of Saturday’s big-hearted event was no big deal, as the spirits were high for the annual Walk for Wishes benefit.

With enthusiasm to spare, the volunteer walkers from Zip Xpress were dressed for the weather and ready to roll. As part of the perks for participation, the big crowd of family, friends, and many of the recipient children got to enjoy the entire John Ball Zoo for free; donated snacks and a post-walk lunch also helped keep everybody going strong.

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How Do They Not Collide?!

It’s Always Action-Packed at Busy Loading Times for Zip Xpress

Watch out where you’re walking, folks, because the Zip Xpress freight handlers, on forklifts, are ripping around nonstop on busy evenings. This video is only about 15 seconds long, but just imagine … this frenzy often goes on all night, moving customer goods with great care and a whole lot of hustle!

How Do They Not Collide?! from Zip Xpress on Vimeo.

OK, maybe it’s not too dignified … but how can we not name them all “Zippy”? 🙂

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Big Welcome to New Team Member: Office Management Pro Janet Kroeze Rolls Up Her Sleeves at Zip

In the photo here, Janet gets an on-site tour from Al Smith, dock supervisor and head of load planning, on a recent Friday night at the Zip Xpress facility in Holland, Michigan.

Question: If you have just been hired as the brand-new Business and Marketing Administrator for Zip Xpress Inc., what would be virtually the first thing on your “To Do” list? What would you do right out of the gate?

There’s an easy answer for that, in a company that’s all about serving our customers and their transport needs.

You’d ditch the nice office clothes, roll up your sleeves, and watch a night of shipping perfection unfold on the Zip Xpress docks and warehouse space.

And that’s exactly what Janet Kroeze did recently.

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Sneak Peek: eNews Column From CEO Dina McKnight-Dargis

Coming Soon: eNews Column From me!

Heads-up, friends, about a Women In Trucking column I wrote for the organization’s eNews publication. It’s appearing soon, but you’re getting it here first!

By the way,, based in Plover, Wisconsin, is a pretty big deal. There are many, many women these days who are deeply involved with and connected to the supply chain complex. Not just trucking, per se, and this growing organization is spearheading a lot of good efforts to expand opportunities for women in the field.

Hope you enjoy my column!

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Dina McKnight

Our WISHES Came True — Thanks to You!

That’s right, friends and family of Zip Xpress … you made our dreams come true by taking part in our annual Make-A-Wish midsummer picnic fundraiser in Holland.

The Zip Xpress headquarters always looks good, of course, but it never looks better than when it’s filled with kind-hearted people working for a great cause.

It was a wonderful day, on August 18, to see everyone enjoying midsummer grilling action while supporting the special needs and wishes of children throughout West Michigan.

The fundraiser fun included activities for kids, lots of fabulous raffle prizes and, of course, burgers, brats, side dishes, ice cream, and much more.

Let’s Build on Last Year’s Success

Together we took home the top Individual Fundraiser title for the 2015 Walk for Wishes. Thanks to all of you, more than $20,000 came in.

Now it’s time to build on that title … it’s time for this year’s big Walk for Wishes event!

Register at …

We hope to see you – and walk with you! — at John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids on Saturday, Oct. 1.

It will be a great day for a great cause.

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Zip Xpress Becomes SmartWay Partner

Zip Xpress is excited to announce that we have been officially registered as a SmartWay Transport Partner. We are very proud to help SmartWay further their mission of being a program that was, “Launched in 2004, SmartWay® is an EPA program that helps the freight transportation sector improve supply chain efficiency. SmartWay reduces transportation-related emissions that affect climate change, reduce environmental, risk for companies and increase global energy security.” SmartWay is at the forefront of helping to reduce dangerous and toxic emissions in the transportation world, and only those with a dedicated commitment to sustainability and sustainability in goods movement are accepted as SmartWay partners. We encourage you to check it out, and help us to continue or commitment to sustainability in freight and goods movement, and SmartWay is just one way we look to do that.

Celebrating Success of Walk for Wishes 2015

A HUGE congratulations to our CEO, Dina McKnight-Dargis, for taking home the top individual fundraiser title for the 2015 Walk for Wishes event at John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids. Also, a huge THANK-YOU! to everyone who contributed … and to the Zip Xpress team for bringing home the Top Corporate Fundraiser title for the second year in a row! GO TEAM ZIP!