A good carrier is a green carrier. Here’s how we live up to that.

Imagine you’re sitting in traffic...

sustainable trucking

...behind a line of semi trucks...

...emitting grey plumes of smog...

...and taking up so much space.

Now imagine if you could see that they’re all just about half full.

truck optimization
zip express

Kind of upsetting, right?

Well, unfortunately, thats a real thing, and it happens all of the time.

All of that wasted, empty space doesn’t just needlessly increase road congestion, it also has a huge impact on road wear, potential for collisions, and most of all, carbon emissions.

One Month's Impact

To give you a better idea, we used real data from two of our clients to show how much waste they would generate with standard shipping in just one month.

Sample Group: Furniture Manufacturers

Spectator Seating

Work Environment

Total Distance Shipped per Month

15,331 miles

fully optimized blue

13,496 miles

fully optimized

Fuel Used per Month

2,556 gallons

sustainable trucking

2,249 gallons

sustainable trucking

CO2 Emissions

56,232 lbs

sustainable trucking

49,478 lbs

sustainable trucking

Avg. Space Utilization per Trip (53 total feet)

22.3 ft. used

30.7 ft. unused

28.4 ft. used

24.6 ft. unused


Combined Monthly Impact of Standard Shipping

Fuel Used per Month

4,805 gallons

CO2 Emissions per Month

105,710 pounds

Unused Space per Shipment

55.4 feet

sustainable trucking

By shipping partially empty trucks, the amount of waste these companies would generate is comparable to following every full truck between the two companies with a completely empty truck.

What can we do?

Zip Xpress coordinates load size, destination, and delivery schedule between companies to combine shipments & reduce waste.

sustainable trucking

By utilizing Zip Xpress for their shipping, these companies eliminate that empty truck, and can potentially cut their impact in half, while keeping each load completely secure and on time.

Show me the numbers.

Now that you understand what we do and why, take a look at the data we’ve collected that shows exactly how much of a difference these industry leaders made by using Zip Xpress in just one month.

carbon emissions

Ship Better. Smarter. Together.