How Can You Not Love This Event?

Walk for Wishes Benefit Brings Out Crowd to the Zoo

A light drizzle at the start of Saturday’s big-hearted event was no big deal, as the spirits were high for the annual Walk for Wishes benefit.

With enthusiasm to spare, the volunteer walkers from Zip Xpress were dressed for the weather and ready to roll. As part of the perks for participation, the big crowd of family, friends, and many of the recipient children got to enjoy the entire John Ball Zoo for free; donated snacks and a post-walk lunch also helped keep everybody going strong.

Dina McKnight-Dargis, CEO of Zip Xpress, has thrown a lot of support and a great deal of positive energy into the West Michigan Make-A-Wish organization, and on Saturday she again expressed her thanks to everyone who helps make the Zip team a success, year after year.

“We truly appreciate all of our Zip Xpress family and friends who keep pitching in for this great cause,” Dina said from under the big umbrella she was sharing, pre-Walk, with her husband, Mike Dargis.

“We are ready!” she declared.

That was the level of enthusiasm to be seen all over the crowded grounds of John Ball Zoo.

It was another beautiful day for the children of Make-A-Wish … a little rain notwithstanding.


Dina McKnight

Dina McKnight-Dargis, CEO and owner of Zip Xpress Inc. for the past 15 years, is recognized as a significant leader and innovator in Michigan’s supply chain business. She has been honored by numerous national organizations as an influential businesswoman in the marketplace, particularly in the freight-hauling industry. Her passion on the job involves load optimization and its resulting higher sustainability for the future of trucking. As she describes it to anyone who will listen, a truly full, professionally optimized truckload saves customers money, the road wear and tear, and the environment some carbon emissions. Plain and simple, she says, it’s the right thing to do.

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