Weathering the Storm in Logistics

Weathering the Storm in Logistics

In the past few months, America has seen its fair share of treacherous weather. Hurricane Florence ravaged the southeast with flooding in September, constant rainstorms soaked the northeast in October, and a cold front brought heavy snowfall and frigid temperatures to the midwest just this past week. This is not to mention the devastating wildfires in California that have gone on for months. Despite these conditions, commerce stills goes on and Americans continue to work, and that remains particularly true in logistics. But how can carriers, customers, and other parties involved in manufacturing make sure that their freight arrives safely and on time in such a volatile environment? The simple answer comes down to preparation and communication.

Even the best meteorologists can not predict the weather with certainty, but we can all pay attention to the news and recent weather patterns around us. When we know that a storm is coming, we can better prepare our warehouses to expedite the production of hot shipments and communicate with all parties to set realistic expectations. The unfortunate truth is that trucks are going to be shut down due to blizzards, rainstorms, icy roads, and other unsafe driving conditions. This will lead to shipments being delayed, and it is an inevitable part of the world of transportation. However, if shippers, carriers, and customers stay in constant communication, potential late deliveries become manageable. We know that constant communications makes everyone in the supply chain more reliable and stabilizes your delivery schedule.

At Zip Xpress, we stay in constant communication with our partners at all times, even during inclement weather. We work with our customers, and ensure all updates are provided by another human being, not a recording. Hazardous weather is another challenge to navigate, but as long as you have a communication plan in place, everything becomes manageable. If you’d like to experience the stability and reliability of our custom carrier solutions, start today with Zip Xpress!

Happy Thanksgiving from Zip Xpress!

As we gather together to count our blessings, we wanted to pause for a moment and thank everyone who has helped make Zip Xpress a success. From our loyal staff to our dedicated customers, we wouldn’t be here without you. Every person has added so much that we’re overwhelmed with gratitude. We hope you and your families have a safe and festive Thanksgiving. May you share in all of your own bountiful blessings.

Crumbling American Highways

America’s Roads: Saving Them One Act at a Time

Talk with anybody who lives near a major city in the USA, and there’s a good chance you’ll find out they don’t think much of the roads around them. Whether they’re constantly clogged with traffic, littered with hubcap-shattering potholes, or simply don’t ride as smoothly as desired, roads across the country are not very popular among the citizens. This doesn’t just apply to cluttered urban main streets or rarely traveled dirt roads – the entire interstate highway system is suffering from many of the same problems. Why is this such a prominent problem, and what can be done to fix it?

Mismanagement of US highways goes back decades, with a severe lack of funding made even worse by bloated maintenance contracts and uncooperative state or local municipalities. This means that funds are allocated in an often-lopsided fashion. Consider also that it is very challenging to predict how much funding can be expected on a yearly basis, so not as much thought goes into planning for repairs and new construction. With 75% of the nation’s heavy truck traffic utilizing the Interstate system, carriers have great incentive to take action in helping prevent our national highways from crumbling.

There is no single, simple solution for America’s road problem, but we can all do our part in the meantime. At Zip Xpress we utilize our headload solution which allows us to place more shipments into one trailer. This solution has the double benefit of cutting down on emissions and trucks on the road, preserving our highways. Our customers know how important this issue is so we work with each and every one of them to optimize their shipments and ensure they’re making a more sustainable impact on the environment. Manufacturers have taken the lead on becoming environmental stewards, we’re doing our part as well. To see how we can optimize your shipment, start today with Zip Xpress!

End to End Supply Chain Data Analysis

Improvements and innovations in technology inevitably dictate changes in the way any industry or sector behaves. Manufacturing has been disrupted by technology since before the Industrial Revolution, and that disruption does not seem to be going away any time soon. This hasn’t only changed the way manufacturers operate from a physical standpoint, but also the way they analyze their own performance and efficiency. No longer are manufacturing companies looking only inside of their factories to monitor performance – now they are extending the supply chain in both directions to evaluate their standing among end users and second and third-tier suppliers.

It is far easier now than ever before to collect and analyze data from deep within the supply chain. This means that manufacturers can use loads of end-user and supplier data to help them come up with stronger, more efficient solutions for their everyday operations. It isn’t just about pleasing the next warehouse in the line of production. It’s about ensuring that every consumer is happy with the final product and that vendors and suppliers are working seamlessly with the manufacturer to create an experience that benefits every party along the way.

However, data analysis can leave a sense of feeling trapped and that it’s not providing the full utility you desire from it. The end of the supply chain consists of shipping, shipment tracking, and invoicing all of which add on to this sense of overwhelm. At Zip Xpress our customer service experience offers solutions which help you get the answers you need without feeling trapped or overwhelmed. We’ll get you the answers you need with no waiting, no voicemail and no support tickets. When our data analysis uncovers an issue, Zip Xpress is able to quickly respond and address the issue. To see how we can help fit your supply chain together, start today with Zip Xpress.

manufacturing and sustainability

Manufacturers are Paving the Way as Environmental Stewards

For many, the image that comes to mind when they think of pollution is the factory sending billows of smoke into the atmosphere. However, today’s manufacturers have become some of the most environmentally-conscious patrons of the environment, and they continue to strive to reach new goals in sustainability. Thanks to widespread social awareness and changes in attitude, manufacturers are making it a point to reduce their carbon footprint and participate in programs that promote a cleaner, healthier environment for everyone.

An impressive 93.8% of manufacturers report that they track their energy consumption, meaning that the vast majority of organizations are at least paying attention to their impact on the planet. This is a positive trend across the board, because it means that organizations are showing a desire to make improvements rather than doing so only to comply with rules and regulations. It makes sense from a financial standpoint too, as investment in green energy can help organizations to break free from the expensive and inefficient shackles of fossil fuels. Investing a little extra now will provide major benefits in the long run as renewable energy becomes the healthier, more productive, and less expensive option. We at Zip provide our customers their own carbon footprint report as well as our own company-wide one. You’ll be able to see the direct impact your sustainability efforts have.

Manufacturers, however, aren’t the only companies that can contribute to a cleaner environment. We are placing a major emphasis on sustainability and in doing so are helping our partners reduce their footprint as well. By optimizing the space in our trailers, we’re putting fewer trucks on the road and releasing fewer emissions on a daily basis. These solutions, based on maximizing the efficiency of the trailer and the truck, are only the beginning. With a mentality of always looking for the most efficient answer and keeping it sustainable, we at Zip Xpress promise to be the sustainable transportation option for the foreseeable future. To experience our sustainable options for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!