Happy Holidays from Zip Xpress!

2018 has brought us a year full of blessings. While there have been challenges, we know that we couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help. From our loyal customers, our top of the line staff and our reliable drivers, we know how much you’ve contributed to these blessings. For that, we thank you and wish you a wonderful holiday season in which you can share your own blessings with your family.

Maintaining Growth Through Supply Chain Management

It’s always exciting for a manufacturer to begin receiving new orders, whether from a recently on-boarded customer or as a result of new contracts with existing clients. Continued growth is a common goal for most companies, and with this year’s impressive manufacturing boom, many have been able to outperform previous expectations. While this is a positive trend, there are challenges that come with rapid growth, as each new order comes with updated requirements and a larger workload. To alleviate these growing pains, it is important for organizations to focus on efficiency throughout their supply chain.

Transportation is just one part of the supply chain, but it is an integral aspect in fulfilling orders and keeping customers happy. It may be tempting to simply find the cheapest carriers available and book them whenever possible to save money on every order. However, this often leads to service failures and can end up costing money in the long run due to late fees and fractured relationships with clients and vendors alike. A superior strategy to this transactional model is to develop strong, long-lasting partnerships with quality transportation providers. Partners who understand how important each shipment is to your reputation and are dedicated to helping you keep your commitments. This approach helps companies secure more capacity and benefit from more reliable service. Fostering these sort of partnerships will help prevent spikes in pricing and service failures as capacity tightens and markets shift.

Zip Xpress strives to create strong partnerships with everyone we work with. Our goal is customer satisfaction, providing reliability as well as the ability to handle your shipments. We understand that you’re growing with new orders and it is our mission to help you shore up that growth with strengthening your supply chain. Our experts work to ensure that your freight arrives on time and damage free, making your company more reliable and improving customer service. To see how we can shore up your supply chain, start today with Zip Xpress!

Keep it Simple: Customer Service in Logistics

Customer service is an integral part of any industry, and logistics is no exception. When a customer – whether a business or an individual consumer – is relying on a company to deliver their product, they want to know that they are working with a reliable, communicative, and proactive organization who can quickly and efficiently service their needs. All too often, however, logistics companies fail to meet the service levels required of them, resulting in customers seeking out new, more dependable options. This can easily be avoided by committing to finding quick, simple solutions for customers rather than taking unnecessary measures to compensate for previous service failures.

When a customer is waiting on a product, they don’t want to hear excuses. They want to know that their logistics provider is working on the problem immediately. This means that there is someone to answer their call at all times and that emails and other inquiries will be responded to within minutes. Quick, straightforward answers are far more valuable than exuberant “make-up” offers or long-winded, reactionary explanations. The fewer channels and reps that a client must go through to find their answer, the more likely they will be to report satisfaction with their customer service experience. Just as time and transparency are key factors in any shipment, they also play a large role in customer service.

Zip Xpress is committed to providing the highest level of service for all of our valued customers. This is why we make sure to keep our lines of communication open and our response times as short as possible. Zip Xpress doesn’t even have a voicemail system or use prompts when you call our phone number. There is a live person here 24/7 and customers will always speak with someone when they call Zip. Employees at Zip are all crossed trained so if you need to trace a shipment, any of us that answer the phone can help you without passing you to someone else. Quote requests are responded to within 5 minutes of reception, because we know that even if the freight doesn’t have to leave the dock right away, customers want to know their costs as quickly as possible. Our highly trained and experienced professionals at Zip are dedicated to providing prompt, friendly, and effective service. To see for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!