Blocks of People in Logistics

One of the common themes being talked about logistics is the arrival of blockchain technologies and how it promises to “revolutionize” the industry. The truth of the matter is is that most of the problems that blockchain intends to solve have already been solved by software currently being implemented in the industry. While new technology is always important, we also cannot forget the importance of great customer service and solving a manufacturer’s problems. That is something technology will likely never be able to do.

Many executives are actually skeptical of some of these new technologies arriving. Even using “Blockchain” in the name causes suspicion. There is no doubt how important data is for analysis along the supply chain, but we can’t forget that the analysis should be about helping shipments arrive on time and undamaged. At Zip Xpress, our data analysis is also focused on showing customers how much carbon dioxide they’ve saved through our sustainability reports. Data certainly has its place in the supply chain, but none of these factors come into play without the human touch. Technology is being designed to enhance the human ability, not replace it.

At Zip Xpress, we pride ourselves at being the most customer-oriented carrier, providing custom carrier solutions for every shipping situation. We understand that there’s a lot of hype and hope that machines will replace humans in the workforce, but that will never be the case. The next time you read an article about how blockchain might revolutionize the industry, remember that many of the proposed solutions are already in place. We also understand that a simple phone call can clear up more than a complex software algorithm ever could. We work with our customers, not hide behind our screens from them. The most successful technologies are the ones that help people succeed. To see how we can help your business succeed, start today with Zip Xpress!

Beat the Breakdown

Every year, automobiles becomes more and more reliable. Everything from mopeds, sedans, and commercial trucks have reached a level of quality that we’ve never seen before. Still, it is inevitable that we will experience breakdowns at some point in time, especially when it comes to frequently used long distance trucks. A breakdown on a critical shipment can be a nightmare for the shipper, manufacturer, carrier, and end consumer, and despite being out of anybody’s control, these mechanical failures always seem to come at the worst times. Fortunately, there are some steps that all parties can take to alleviate the pain caused by these situations.

Planning ahead is the most crucial step when it comes to accommodating a breakdown. Carriers should perform routine maintenance and keep their fleets updated to ensure the most reliable equipment is on the road. Manufacturers should do their best to allow some wiggle room when it comes to production and delivery times (although this isn’t always possible). This will help to minimize the likeliness of a breakdown as well as provide more buffer time for solutions. When a mechanical failure does take place, communication is key. Even if it’s something as simple as a flat tire, the carrier should inform the customer immediately. The customer can then relay the message to the manufacturer or receiver, giving the warehouse time to plan for the delay. In critical situations where the load absolutely cannot be late, all parties can work together to find a capable truck that can haul the freight the remainder of the distance.

The most important thing is to remain calm and to avoid placing blame on other supply chain partners. At Zip Xpress we understand a breakdown is nobody’s fault – it’s just an unfortunate fact of life in the transportation industry. We perform routine maintenance on all of our trucks and constantly communicate with whoever is going to receive the shipment. Letting tempers flare and accusing others of service failures only serves to exacerbate the problem and put a strain on the relationship between parties. We understand that we’re in this together with our shippers and will work closely with them to create a solution that will minimize the damage done. To see how we can ensure delivery of your next shipment, start today with Zip Xpress!

Forever Young in Freight

Millennials and Generation Z would be well advised to pursue a career in logistics. Considered one of the most resilient sectors of the economy, logistics can provide career stability that few other areas can promise. There is also constant problem solving which means that ‘boring’ will rarely be part of your vocabulary. You’ll also interact with a variety of industries, which means you’ll always be learning about new fields. Whether you aspire to be an analyst or a driver, there are plenty of opportunities available in the logistics field.

So, how does someone get started? A degree certainly helps, and some of the best schools in the country happen to be right here in Michigan. The key factor will be your skills – you’ll need to be able to balance being analytical and proper planning with communication. You will rely on many other people in logistics, so collaboration will be a key skill as well. You’ll also have experienced colleagues who can mentor and provide the hands-on experience many entering the workforce desire. While logistics isn’t a field that’s discussed as often as finance or marketing, rest assured that it’s one of the main backbones to the economy and provides tremendous opportunity for those starting their career.

Here at Zip Xpress, our primary focus is on the problem solving process. We care so deeply for our customer that we visualize their problems as our own. We work through the process together in our office, discussing how we can make every shipment arrive on time and undamaged. We know that communication is a crucial factor for success, as well as being a team player. We focus on culture in the workplace and that our promises are always kept. To learn more about what our logisticians can do for your company, start today with Zip Xpress!

Premium is the Standard at Zip Xpress

Logistics has another trend catching on that Zip Xpress has been performing for years. What other companies call ‘Premium Service’, Zip Xpress has been doing since the beginning, and while the other companies tack this on as a premium service, this is the standard offering from Zip Xpress. We believe in providing the best service possible from the start, not when the customer selects ‘Premium Service.’

This trend isn’t surprising since manufacturers aren’t interested in seeing their hard work arrive at its final destination damaged. They’re not interested in the costs of remaking the product, processing freight claims and attempts to salvage their damaged product as well as reputation. With all of the costs tied up in manufacturing their products, plus the value of their customer relationships, manufacturers deserve the best custom carrier solutions available. We partner with our customers so we can learn about their business, learn what challenges they face in shipping their product and providing solutions. It’s what we do day after day, year after year.

Just like with sustainability, Zip Xpress has been focused on doing things right since the very beginning. Our focus is on learning and understanding our customers at every step through the supply chain. We created unique optimization protocols which allow our partners to ship their products with confidence and provide them with the security in knowing that it will arrive on time and undamaged. We can ensure that your product will arrive per our service standards no matter what. The best part of it all? We didn’t need to label this as our ‘Premium Service.’ To us, it’s just the way we do business every day. To see how we can provide exceptional service to your supply chain, start today with Zip Xpress.

Harnessing Optimization to Increase Sustainability

The environment is a prominent factor in nearly every industry, whether growing food, shipping raw materials, or even investing in new business ventures. Without a healthy, productive environment, most industries would suffer as the number of viable goods would decrease, causing more scarcity than we already see today. Many businesses are realizing this by embracing green initiatives and sustainable growth. This can help to drive immediate profits while also keeping the environment capable of producing in the future. In the supply chain sector, packaging companies been at the forefront of many eco-friendly concepts, and their work with shipping companies has helped contribute to a healthier environment for everybody.

Green packaging is a major factor in reducing waste not only because it can be reusable, but it allows manufacturers to optimize the amount of product they can fit into a single packaging unit. This means that every truckload can haul more units than before, reducing the overall number of truckloads needed to fulfill customer and vendor requirements. Naturally, this leads to fewer carbon emissions across the board, and every company involved in the shipping of a single unit is doing their part to keep our roads safer and our atmosphere healthier. As packaging continues to take up less space and shippers find new, creative ways to maximize the usefulness of every trip, these trends should continue in a positive direction. In fact, some manufacturers are moving towards products that require no packaging at all, and new shipping methods are helping make this a possibility. Zip Xpress has encouraged customers to move their products in this fashion in order to further reduce waste and optimize truck space.

With the focus on optimization at Zip, we consider ourselves leaders in sustainability in the shipping industry. Our headload solutions ensure maximum output from each and every truck while allowing us to maintain the high level of service that we have been proud of from the beginning. By focusing on green, optimized solutions, we are able to find the most efficient methods of shipping, keeping both our customers and our neighbors happy. To see how we can sustainably ship your products, start today with Zip Xpress!