Maintaining Visibility in the Supply Chain

If you’ve ever dealt with late or missing shipments, you probably have plenty of horror stories to tell. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting on a load to deliver only to have no idea where it is or when it’s going to show up. To make matters worse, some providers simply refuse to answer your calls or won’t provide real-time tracking. These are issues that can lead to strained relationships and major failures in the supply chain, but they can be easily fixed by committing to transparency and visibility.

Every shipper needs to vet their transportation providers, and they should make it a priority to form strong partnerships with trustworthy carriers who promise visibility. Whether that means 24 hour dispatch, active communication or access to live GPS tracking, there are many ways that shippers and carriers can work together to maintain a grasp on day-to-day operations. Shippers can also offer inventory tracking so that partner carriers can see when loads are ready for pickup and when there are delays – all without even picking up the phone. The key to transparency is a combination of technology and human interaction. Companies on all ends of the supply chain need to have people that are ready and willing to track down freight, get updates on claims, and provide accurate, reliable information as quickly as possible.

At Zip Xpress, we understand the need for continuous communication with our partners on all shipping matters. We always call ahead of time and work both our customers and your customers to schedule shipping arrangements and accommodate your specific needs. Whenever you call our office, a person will answer the phone, never a machine. We will answer any questions you may have about your delivery schedule in real time and stay committed to our dedicated service schedule. To see how we can bring more transparency to your supply chain, start today with Zip Xpress

Staying Green in Winter

The winter months can be brutal not only on our bodies but also on our energy bills. When the frigid cold starts to hit, we pretty much need to use electricity to survive. Unfortunately, that means consuming energy and sometimes not being as environmentally friendly as we would like. In the world of logistics, this can be even more of an issue, as factories, warehouses, and trucks already have an uphill battle when it comes to sustainability. Still, there are some actions that those in transportation can take to stay green while staying warm.

On an individual level, layering up is one of the simplest things we can do. Truck drivers and freight handlers should be sure to have some heavy duty outer layers as well as snug inner layers to stay warm in tough conditions. This will prevent them from needing to blast the heat in their respective workspaces. Wool socks and heavy duty boots can go a long way in keeping body temperature up.

Planning is also very important during the winter. Shippers should allot for longer delivery times and communicate this with their vendors, customers, and carriers. A supply chain can recover from a delay if all parties are prepared from the beginning. This will eliminate the need to make more product, ship another batch, or put additional miles on the truck, all of which will help cut emissions.

At Zip Xpress, we provide another solution that will help during the long winter months. Consolidating freight to be moved on an optimized schedule and crafting the most efficient route can ensure that fewer trucks will need to be on the road. By utilizing our Headload Solution, we can help your business optimize the space you use when shipping your freight. Staying green during the winter months is a challenge, but it is doable as long as we’re looking for solutions when it comes to escaping the cold. To see how we can help with your sustainability efforts, start today with Zip Xpress!

How Your Carrier Can Affect Customer Service

When choosing a carrier, you’re performing your due diligence and seeking to partner with the company that understands your business better than anyone else. It makes sense that what you seek is efficiency, cost savings and the hundreds of other criteria involved in your decision making process. However, we’re willing to bet there’s one area you don’t consider when choosing the right supply chain partner.

Customer service.

While this may seem unorthodox, consider this. Every time a shipment arrives damaged, your customer is frustrated. They have to file a claim form, wait for reimbursement, place another order and then wait for the order they should have gotten in the first place. On top of this, you need to secure more material, pay employees to manufacture the product, contact your carrier to ship your product and hope it won’t happen again. Every time this happens, you become bogged down in keeping your current customers happy rather than finding more customers who will do business with you.

At Zip Xpress, we understand the real value of great customer service. Our goal is to help you obtain excellent reviews, customer referrals and the satisfaction that you delivered a great product to your buyer. We treat your customers as though they’re our own, because in many ways, they are. Our team will communicate with your business every step of the way to ensure that your products are picked up and dropped off to your exact specifications. We offer a variety of services for every type of freight and are happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Great customer service is embedded in our culture at Zip Xpress – we can help it become a cornerstone of your business as well. To see for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!

Making the Right Decisions for 2020

With a new year and a new decade upon us, there are many things to look forward to in the world of logistics. A strong economy and technological advances both put businesses in a great position to grow in 2020, but it is still important to focus on making the right decisions for the year. For many shippers, this means facilitating supply chain operations that will not only satisfy the customer but will also contribute to the growth and sustainability efforts for their own organization.

When it comes to transportation within a supply chain, quality is key. Shippers should focus on ensuring their freight will arrive undamaged, since broken product will erode a customer’s trust. Don’t make your customers suffer with claims and waiting on replacements, instead ensure customer satisfaction by choosing a carrier that will get your freight there undamaged and on time. At Zip Xpress, we believe that what others call white glove service is our standard – our experienced freight handlers will give your products careful consideration and by extension provide satisfaction to your customers.

Next comes our headload solution which is our innovative way to move your larger shipments without dedicating an entire truck. The benefit here is that you can still expect the top-notch service and quick deliveries that you might not be accustomed to with standard LTL or partial providers. We do everything to optimize your shipment and make sure that you are only paying for the amount of space that you are using. By consolidating shipments, we help reduce our emissions and encourage the elimination of packaging.

At Zip Xpress, we understand that everyone wants to build a better business. Whether your goals are to increase efficiency, become more sustainable or improve customer satisfaction, we have a custom carrier solution that can help you meet those goals. To see how we can help, start today with Zip Xpress!