Supply Chain Strategy for Tightening Capacity

This year we have seen a continued increase in the spot rates market, which has left many manufacturers feeling stranded as they struggle to fulfill orders and manage their supply chain. This imbalance has many factors involved. Most notably they are: healthy consumer spending, inventory that needs replenishment and an industrial economy that is getting into full swing. All of these factors create a high-demand environment, which would put a strain on carriers even if they weren’t facing their own supply-side challenges. On the carrier side, many are facing a reduced workforce due to drivers leaving, a reduction in new drivers due to reduced capacity at CDL schools and a reduction in potential CDL recruits due to localized courier providers that are servicing e-commerce organizations.

The combination of factors leaves many manufacturers at the mercy of the spot market at a time when they’re facing a demand surge as well as an increase in material costs of production. All of this will cause frustration as manufacturers struggle to navigate tightening capacity throughout their supply chain which shows no signs of letting up in the foreseeable future. The best solution lies in partnering with a carrier that can accommodate your shipments at a rate that is fair to both sides. Manufacturers that are still relying on the spot markets at this point will face a losing game as they’re at the mercy of brokers providing cut-rate service and are putting their shipments at risk of breakage. Manufacturers that partner with a trusted carrier will find themselves much more at ease, providing stability at a time when they need it most.

At Zip Xpress, we understand the need for stability at a time when dealing with tightened capacity. We partner with each and every one of the businesses we work with, which allows us to provide the custom carrier solutions that work best for them. Our dedication to service has also kept our drivers satisfied, which means your customers will be delighted when one of our drivers delivers your final product. Whatever the case may be, we will find the right custom carrier solution for your business. To find out how, start today with Zip Xpress!

The Surge in Automation & Conveyors

It is no secret that many manufacturers are turning to automation in an attempt to meet the challenges surrounding the increase in demand that we have seen year. Companies are pouring resources into robotics and conveyor systems in order to increase their output, but are the companies in these industries prepared for their own surge in demand? Are their supply chains designed to handle a large influx of orders? Robotics and conveyor machinery are not the easiest products to ship, and many companies may be unsure of how to handle delivery of such unique freight.

We always advise companies to do their research when it comes to selecting a supply chain partner and not rely on brokerages who only offer cut-rate service. We’ve seen this scenario many times: unique freight such as a robotics or conveyor system gets damaged in transport because it wasn’t secured properly. The customer is frustrated since they’re not able to get their new equipment running, which also costs them in delayed production. You need to file a claim for the damaged shipment and then while you wait for the claim to be processed, you also need to manufacture a replacement for the customer. That’s a lot of resources tied up, especially when you’re working hard to fulfill additional orders coming through.

The best solution for automation and conveyor manufacturers is relying on a carrier that handles unique freight and will ensure that your shipments will arrive undamaged and on time. Machinery such as this is simply too valuable to risk with a cut-rate service provider who sees your freight as just another shipment they need to get out the door. Why put your shipments at risk? Let’s focus instead on creating a reliable supply chain that can handle the increase in demand and help grow your business.

At Zip Xpress, we understand the need to ensure that your unique freight arrives undamaged and on time. We specialize working with manufacturers of automation and conveyor systems and we have a long history of satisfied customers who can attest to our service. When you’re working to fulfill your orders, consider working with a company that you can trust, one who will delight your customers and ensure your freight arrives undamaged and on time. That’s because premium is the standard with Zip Xpress. To see for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!

The Power of People

There’s no question that technology has come a long way, especially over the past year. Many industries were forced to adjust on a whim, which has caused remarkable shifts throughout the supply chain that we’re still adjusting to. While companies are still making adjustments, they’re paying attention to their people now more than ever as they navigate the inherent uncertainty across the entire supply chain.

A lot has been written about technology in transportation as of late. Lighter, more fuel efficient trucks have allowed carriers to transport products quicker and with less overhead. Back-office transportation management systems continue to improve, allowing dispatchers and logistics managers to optimize their time and increase profitability for their companies.

Yet in the face of these articles about technology, those authors tend to forget that businesses simply want great service. They want a smiling face to greet them when they receive their shipment, and a human being to answer the phone when they call an office. Every time a person is greeted by a machine, they’re far less happy or understanding. Technology can help with redundancies and inefficiencies, sure but they can’t provide the level of service that a dedicated person can.

Throughout the past year, it has been people who have helped keep our supply chains operating and ensuring that deliveries were made on time. Hard working drivers as well as the office individuals who were making and taking phone calls, providing guidance to companies who needed help during these challenging times. They were the ones who kept products moving, even when events turned for the worse. For that, they deserve our gratitude and respect.

At Zip Xpress, we understand the importance of great service. Here it starts with ensuring that every shipment will arrive undamaged and on time. We also work hard to keep our drivers happy so that they will greet each of our customers with a smile. We also make sure that every call is answered by a person, never a machine and that customers can receive a quote within minutes. Everything we do here at Zip Xpress is focused on bringing great service and we know that none of this can be accomplished without great people. To see for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!

Tips for Safer Driving

Spring is in full swing, and with a few exceptions in some parts of the country, we won’t have to worry about snowy, icy conditions on the roads until this winter. However, even with clear skies and no precipitation, there are still a wide range of hazards that can make a trip dangerous. Truck drivers need to be diligent about preparing their trucks for safety before their trips as well as practicing safe habits while they are driving. Here are some quick tips we use to ensure that every driver arrives safely at their destination.

Wear a Seatbelt

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is impossible to overstate the importance of seatbelts. Some accidents are unavoidable, but a seatbelt can go a long way in reducing your chance of injury or even death. Clicking the seatbelt needs to be a part of every driver’s initial checklist before getting on the road and we can’t overemphasize the importance of protecting every driver.

Put the Phone Down

Cell-phone related accidents continue to rise, even with strict laws in place in most states. Texting or reading on your phone is highly distracting, and should only be done when you are parked. If you must talk on your phone, make sure to use a hands-free device, and remember that paying attention to the road is your most important task.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Tired driving can be just as dangerous as distracted driving. Even if you can force yourself to stay awake, your reaction time and decision making skills will be impaired. Make sure to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night before heading back on the road.

Inspect Your Truck Before and After Every Trip

Even if you’ve only completed a short local run, it is essential to make sure that everything is always in working order. A small puncture in a tire could lead to a blowout on the road, which could cause an accident. Review your truck maintenance inspections to ensure that small issues don’t become large ones.

Drive Defensively

As a professional driver, it is up to you to set examples on the road. You may be frustrated by other aggressive drivers, but it is important to keep your distance, take it slow around curves, and allow for plenty of time for braking and passing. Your patience on the road will save lives.

At Zip Xpress we understand the hard work that goes into being a truck driver. Between safety protocols and delivering shipments undamaged is hard work, which is why it’s so important to treat drivers with the respect they deserve. Here at Zip we do our best to treat our drivers with respect and make them feel like valuable members of our team. They understand that they’re part of the customer experience and are more than willing to greet customers with a smile. To see for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!