Zip Xpress Becomes SmartWay Partner

Zip Xpress is excited to announce that we have been officially registered as a SmartWay Transport Partner. We are very proud to help SmartWay further their mission of being a program that was, “Launched in 2004, SmartWay® is an EPA program that helps the freight transportation sector improve supply chain efficiency. SmartWay reduces transportation-related emissions that affect climate change, reduce environmental, risk for companies and increase global energy security.” SmartWay is at the forefront of helping to reduce dangerous and toxic emissions in the transportation world, and only those with a dedicated commitment to sustainability and sustainability in goods movement are accepted as SmartWay partners. We encourage you to check it out, and help us to continue or commitment to sustainability in freight and goods movement, and SmartWay is just one way we look to do that.


Dina McKnight

Dina McKnight-Dargis, CEO and owner of Zip Xpress Inc. for the past 15 years, is recognized as a significant leader and innovator in Michigan’s supply chain business. She has been honored by numerous national organizations as an influential businesswoman in the marketplace, particularly in the freight-hauling industry. Her passion on the job involves load optimization and its resulting higher sustainability for the future of trucking. As she describes it to anyone who will listen, a truly full, professionally optimized truckload saves customers money, the road wear and tear, and the environment some carbon emissions. Plain and simple, she says, it’s the right thing to do.

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