You Can Have Your 3PL and Good Service, Too

For Companies Opting for a Broker, Zip Xpress Has a Solution

We have seen the best and worst of it when it comes to brokered shipping relationships.

In recent years, lots of companies out there have stopped trying to be their own shippers and have turned over the entire process to a Third Party Logistics provider.

All fine and dandy when it works well.

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Dina McKnight

Dina McKnight-Dargis, CEO and owner of Zip Xpress Inc. for the past 15 years, is recognized as a significant leader and innovator in Michigan’s supply chain business. She has been honored by numerous national organizations as an influential businesswoman in the marketplace, particularly in the freight-hauling industry. Her passion on the job involves load optimization and its resulting higher sustainability for the future of trucking. As she describes it to anyone who will listen, a truly full, professionally optimized truckload saves customers money, the road wear and tear, and the environment some carbon emissions. Plain and simple, she says, it’s the right thing to do.

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Here’s How We Got Scooped

Rise of Broker/3PL Era Is Directly Tied to Lack of Imagination

Recently, when I realized the extent of a certain new business reality, it was quite the eye-opener.

While interviewing a highly qualified candidate for our newly created sales-director position at Zip Xpress Inc., in Holland, Michigan, we were deep into discussion about revenue and customers and more.

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Mike Dargis

Mike started his career in the industry as a freight handler in Detroit. He has since played key roles in the success of a number of trucking companies. His long commitment to trucking was interrupted by a tour in Vietnam as a U.S. Marine, and Mike remains a strong advocate for veterans. In 2007, Mike founded Green Transportation to bring the service and quality ethos of Zip Xpress to the market for truckload transportation. To reinforce the role of quality, Mike introduced for drivers the Green Transportation “Finishing School.” The school provides one-of-a-kind 90-day training for drivers, and the program gives underwriters the confidence to insure graduates at rates reserved for the most experienced road veterans.

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