Crumbling American Highways

America’s Roads: Saving Them One Act at a Time

Talk with anybody who lives near a major city in the USA, and there’s a good chance you’ll find out they don’t think much of the roads around them. Whether they’re constantly clogged with traffic, littered with hubcap-shattering potholes, or simply don’t ride as smoothly as desired, roads across the country are not very popular among the citizens. This doesn’t just apply to cluttered urban main streets or rarely traveled dirt roads – the entire interstate highway system is suffering from many of the same problems. Why is this such a prominent problem, and what can be done to fix it?

Mismanagement of US highways goes back decades, with a severe lack of funding made even worse by bloated maintenance contracts and uncooperative state or local municipalities. This means that funds are allocated in an often-lopsided fashion. Consider also that it is very challenging to predict how much funding can be expected on a yearly basis, so not as much thought goes into planning for repairs and new construction. With 75% of the nation’s heavy truck traffic utilizing the Interstate system, carriers have great incentive to take action in helping prevent our national highways from crumbling.

There is no single, simple solution for America’s road problem, but we can all do our part in the meantime. At Zip Xpress we utilize our headload solution which allows us to place more shipments into one trailer. This solution has the double benefit of cutting down on emissions and trucks on the road, preserving our highways. Our customers know how important this issue is so we work with each and every one of them to optimize their shipments and ensure they’re making a more sustainable impact on the environment. Manufacturers have taken the lead on becoming environmental stewards, we’re doing our part as well. To see how we can optimize your shipment, start today with Zip Xpress!