Supply Chain Resilience by Expecting the Unexpected

Expecting the unexpected has become a cornerstone of the logistics and supply chain playbook over the past few years. There’s good reason to believe this since there have been so many curve balls thrown into the American supply chain. The cumulative effect of these curveballs has resulted in congestion, backups, increased costs (material and shipping) and an assortment of challenges manufacturers face related to production. While nobody could have predicted the challenges we face, we can all agree that learning to expect the unexpected will create a more resilient supply chain and help build stronger companies.

The question becomes: how do we expect the unexpected? One of the key ways manufacturers can prepare for the unexpected is by working with a localized carrier that specializes in the regions where they primarily conduct business. Localized carriers with a regional focus will understand the variables that can delay a shipment such as weather patterns, highway construction and a myriad of others that can prevent getting your shipment to its destination on time. By asking these carriers “what happens when…?” will give you an idea of how prepared they are as well as providing you with the basic ideas for your own contingency plans.

Speaking of which, another way of expecting the unexpected is by developing contingency plans with every member of your supply chain. Opening all communication channels and utilizing the spirit of cooperation with every member of the supply chain allows for innovative solutions to come to the surface. When ideas are being shared, discoveries will inevitably arise. For example, your carrier may know a business that can manufacture a part your company needs or you discover a process that you want incorporated into your own organization. Keeping communication channels open at all times helps keep the supply chain running smoothly and ensures supply chain resilience.

Here at Zip Xpress, we understand what it means to expect the unexpected. Our team is always in constant communication with every member of the supply chain because we schedule pickup and drop off for every shipment we handle. If anything changes we notify customers with a phone call so you always know what is happening with your shipments while they’re in our care. Our understanding of the regional market that we serve combined with our cooperative problem solving spirit offers you a vast array of options that will solve all of your logistical needs through our custom carrier solutions. To see for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!