The Value of Carriers

Over the past few years, carriers have been at the forefront of solving every logistics issue imaginable for their customers. Since spot market rates on freight load boards have increased, it has been proven that the search for cut rate service and hopping to the lowest priced carrier is a losing strategy. Focusing too much on cost cutting has become a death sentence for many companies that have attempted to navigate the current supply chain environment, since carriers have been forced to increase their prices due to capacity, lack of drivers, fuel and even issues relating to the unavailability of trailers and trucks. 

While in theory logistics possesses relatively few barriers to entry, many trucking companies were started with one individual, a truck and a CDL license. The resulting oversupply from the previous decade has caused many companies to in essence neglect their extremely crucial supply chain responsibilities because they believe that somebody else will be able to ‘handle the deliveries.’ However, with our current situation, logistics is becoming a more specialized field with its own challenges and expertise. Expecting bottom rates at the expense of the carrier will only result in a lack of a business relationship in a field that is quickly becoming more specialized.

It is important to see that this issue will not be solved on the carrier side alone. While it is becoming easier to acquire a CDL license, driving a truck is still not a field overflowing with new entrants at the current time. The lack of available trucks and trailers also tightens the supply chain, which means the best option to consider is the optimization of freight. Optimizing freight allows for carriers to work together in getting shipments to their destination on time. Many carriers are willing to work together in this endeavor, but we also need shippers to consider this as an option when developing their supply chain strategy.

Here at Zip Xpress, we understand the importance of providing value to every member of the supply chain. We’re also the pioneers in developing optimization strategies for all of our customer’s freight, ensuring that every shipment will arrive undamaged and on time. We coordinate pickup and delivery times for shippers and customers, at a time that works best for everyone. We’ll work with you to solve all of your shipping challenges and no matter what challenge you’re facing, we have a custom carrier solution that will meet your needs, getting the shipment to the customer on time and undamaged. To see for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!