In the Driver’s Toolbox

No matter how hard a carrier tries, no matter how often companies maintain strict maintenance schedules to keep their trucks in tip-top shape, breakdowns inevitably happen. While roadside assistance is always available, drivers know that shipments need to keep moving and any delays must be addressed.

While major repairs should be left to a professional mechanic, with the right set of tools many if not most of the smaller repairs can be handled by drivers. One of the most valuable tools for a driver is their cell phone since they can call and report the incident to dispatch and anyone else they need to. A cell phone is invaluable for calling roadside assistance as well should a driver not wish to address the mechanical problems they face.

For the more hands-on drivers, some of the tools we’ve found to be absolutely essential in their toolbox include: screwdrivers (philips and flathead), pliers, wrenches, vice grips, a hammer (for knocking debris off of brakes), duct tape, a flashlight, ear plugs, zip ties and a fifth-wheel pin puller. The reason for the fifth wheel puller is because too many drivers hurt themselves when reaching for the pin or trailer tandem and strain their muscles by overextending themselves. These are the ‘lighter’ set of tools which are handy in any situation a driver may find themselves in.

If a driver wishes to be prepared for any situation they find themselves in, some additional tool considerations are: a socket set, pry bar, a torque wrench, spare light bulbs (such as headlights and brake lights) and spare nuts and bolts. Another recommendation from a long time driver was a spare key stored somewhere on the outside of the truck, because it was a matter of “when” not “if” a driver may accidentally lock themselves out of their truck. It helps save them a trip from the locksmith, although this may apply more to long-haul drivers than regional ones. Being prepared is the sign of an experienced driver as well as dedication for getting the job done. Having a few tools for all of the minor fixes is simply another way drivers prove just how resourceful they are.

Here at Zip Xpress, we understand the importance of keeping a driver equipped for whatever they need on the road. We’re able to maintain our trucks thanks to our routine maintenance schedules along with our driver’s diligence, but we know they’re ready for anything on the road. It’s this diligence that helps keep our shipments moving and their dedication to our customers that ensures every shipment we handle is able to arrive on time and undamaged. To see for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!