How Do They Not Collide?!

It’s Always Action-Packed at Busy Loading Times for Zip Xpress

Watch out where you’re walking, folks, because the Zip Xpress freight handlers, on forklifts, are ripping around nonstop on busy evenings. This video is only about 15 seconds long, but just imagine … this frenzy often goes on all night, moving customer goods with great care and a whole lot of hustle!

How Do They Not Collide?! from Zip Xpress on Vimeo.

OK, maybe it’s not too dignified … but how can we not name them all “Zippy”? 🙂

That’s Zippy … as in the Zip Xpress forklifts that run in perfect harmony all evening on busy Friday nights. Everyone’s pedal-to-the-metal at those hours, loading and outbounding from our warehouses in Holland, Michigan, to points near and far for our customers.

Our highly skilled freight handlers, on forklifts, work virtually nonstop during those crunch times for business, and we love the way they get the job done for our customers. And to think that they do it all without the bureaucracy of so-called “productivity standards.” Instead, Zip Xpress instills trust in every employee and empowers them to do the best job possible.

The video attached here is short and sweet, but check it out; get a taste of the crazy pace of Zip Xpress on a recent Friday night. And this was shot at 6 p.m., which is a little quieter than later on the usually busiest night of the week.

Our hats are always tipped in respect to our dock and warehouse crews; they do great work for our Zip Xpress customers and seldom get the thanks they deserve. That’s because they’re usually unseen, of course. But they’re very appreciated by this company for their professionalism in handling product damage-free and sent on its way on deadline.

Sure, sure.

Maybe they don’t name their forklifts … like people name their trucks or snowmobiles.

But they sure are “Zippy” on the job, here at Zip Xpress!