Kelly Cutler

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‘All I have to do is pick up the phone, call them, and I’m taken care of on the spot’

Kelly Cutler-Shafer, Transportation Manager for Charter House Innovations – on working with Zip Xpress

Yes, facing the bright lights and a video crew made Kelly a little nervous. Actually, a lot nervous, she said.

When your daily work life revolves around your company trucks, the back-end docks, and all your drivers and loaders, well, being the star of a video shoot is a pretty weird way to start the day.

But thank you, Kelly Cutler-Shafer, for playing nice and letting us do a video of your company’s satisfaction with our shipping services.

Actually, you were awesome on camera, Kelly, and this linked Raving Fan spot proves it!

Zip Xpress Inc. has had the privilege of providing transportation services to Charter House Innovations for a number of years, and Kelly Cutler-Shafer, manager of all things shipping at Charter House, is our “Raving Fan” contact for everything.

It’s been a great relationship.

It was all business at first, naturally, but as we earned trust and built a solid track record of carefully shipping their high-value restaurant and institutional furniture to market, a friendship has grown. A really good friendship. As in … picking up the phone and calling directly to the CEO of Zip Xpress. Absolutely; please call, Dina McKnight-Dargis kept telling Kelly. She did, Dina responded, and a great relationship grew.

But then we asked her to be the subject of a Zip Xpress video!

That might have been pushing our luck a little, but Kelly did it … and it’s great. She survived the glaring location lights, the repeated questions and new camera angles, the standing on a certain X-taped spot for way too long. “How long does this keep going?!” she must have thought as we were shooting and shooting and checking equipment.

“How long does this keep going?” is also a great question to ask about properly serving a business client.

At Zip Xpress, we believe that we know the answer to that one: It only keeps going as long as you’re totally devoted.

The commitment has to run deep and flow wide, from your first contacts with the potential new customer … all the way to the awkward moment when you ask her to star in your video!