Jim Peterson

Jim….What? You Had a Problem With Us?

It Was Video-Shooting Day at StudioCraft, and the CEO Was Saying What?

  1. We were a little worried there for a minute.

What was Jim Peterson talking about now?

A problem with Zip Xpress?

We were here to shoot a “Raving Fan” video about a customer who liked us a lot and was willing to share the good feelings with others about the high quality and high efficiency of shipping with Zip Xpress.

And Jim Peterson, CEO of his company, StudioCraft, is starting to talk about a problem he’s had with us? Jim … what’s this?

Not a problem! It was his set-up for a story and punch line he’s been telling around his office and to others who want to know about his uber-loyal shipping partner, Zip Xpress.

“Yes, we have had one little problem with Zip Xpress … after many, many good experiences,” Jim Peterson said. His StudioCraft firm, maker of a beautiful line of customized, modular furniture units such as reception-area and lobby desks, has used Zip Xpress shipping services over and over.

“We did have a problem once; that’s what I like to say about Zip. One time they delivered a little bit too early! That’s our joke about Zip Xpress; we love ’em,” Peterson said with the grin of a joker.

And we love you, too, Mr. CEO of StudioCraft of Grand Rapids! It makes us proud to be part of the fantastic office-furniture scene in West Michigan, and especially to serve an innovative and groundbreaking company such as StudioCraft, which is growing its client base year over year.

At our recent video shooting project, where we went out to the StudioCraft offices in Kentwood to interview Jim Peterson, we were reminded just how lucky we are to have such wonderful customers to serve with our high-quality, high-efficiency shipping business.

Cameras and lights were beeping and glaring and roasting in the direction of Jim Peterson at his office desk … but you’d never know it from the great film footage that we got that day. What a cool customer! Jim didn’t mind our request for double shooting to get two camera angles, he stayed cool under the lights and joked with all of us, and he generally made it a great day of shooting “Raving Fan” video for our website.

Thank you, Jim … Mr. StudioCraft … for letting us barge into your workday lives for this project. We’ll try to pay you back with even better shipping service down the road!