veterans day

Salute to Veterans

On This Veterans Day, Make No Mistake: Our Service Men and Women Truly Matter

Veterans. What an interesting, mixed bag of people we are.

That’s “we” because I’m one, too. I was in the Marines. Once a Marine, always a Marine, right?

On this Veterans Day, in this message to all my fellow men and women in uniform and formerly in uniform, let me just say this: I salute you.

In our long struggle as a nation to support and encourage democratic institutions here and around the world, those who serve in the armed forces are the backbone of that endless struggle.

It’s a little naïve to think that we’ll ever, finally, be totally safe and at peace with the world … and that’s why everyone needs to stay vigilant about our freedoms and stay strong behind our citizens in service to the nation.

When they are deployed out into the world, on tours of duty, our service men and women learn a great deal about what America means on the global stage. They learn to be ambassadors of good will and of the best ideals of democracy. And then they come home and work hard for those ideals in their everyday lives and their families.

In our work family here at Zip Xpress, we stand strongly beside our co-workers who have served their nation. We also have at home many family members who have been in the armed forces, and there’s a special place in our hearts for our most elderly veterans still with us from World War II. Americans in service to their country truly have saved the world from evil forces at several key moments, and they will do so again if they are called upon to act.

That’s just what they do.