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He Took the Time to Talk Timeliness

A Florida-based Raving Fan Paid a Visit to Praise Zip Xpress for their Service.

So … is Michael from Common Sense Office Furniture a Raving Fan, or what?

He was willing to fly all the way from Orlando for us.


All of us who work at Zip Xpress know pretty well that we can do a good job for our customers. But it certainly is gratifying to hear from them in the form of praise and thanks for a job well-done.

Enter Michael Hagner, Logistics and Receiving Manager for Common Sense Office Furniture of Orlando, Florida. Michael has been singing our praises for quite a while now in a continued flow of sending us business, of emailed notes about his company’s satisfaction, of positive LinkedIn posts and more.

Timeliness, in particular, is what makes Zip Xpress his company’s go-to carrier.

He’s been saying that to anyone in business who will listen, so we asked him to get in front of a camera and say it for our “Raving Fans” page.

That’s no small request, you know. To take time away from work, catch a flight to Michigan, and work with a video crew to get things right for the video. Michael said he was glad to do it, though, to get the word out about timely, efficient, dependable service to his company.

“I’m OK, really; not nervous,” he said on the day of the video shoot while walking around the spotlessly clean and well-organized campus of Zip Xpress.

“Actually, it’s great to see in person what Zip Xpress looks like and how it operates. We use Zip a lot, so this is good for our business relationship,” he said while getting prepped for his big moment on camera.

You can see that big moment by clicking here to view the latest installment in our Raving Fans series of testimonials.

Common Sense Office Furniture has been a perfect fit for the on-time services of Zip Xpress Inc., especially since we do office furniture big-time! It’s been in our business DNA for a long time now, being in the heart of the industry right here in West Michigan. When we had the chance to service an important Florida player in the business, well, it was obviously a great match-up. One thing led to another, and now we are the on-time, right-on-time, deliver-anywhere people for much of the Common Sense product line.

Happy customer?

We certainly hope so, and we strive to keep it that way, one on-time shipment after another.

Happy to have another Raving Fan?

Yes, we are, Michael.

And thanks very much for visiting Zip Xpress to do the video.