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Big Or Small We Got Your Back

Unlike the Biggies and Mystery Carriers Off the Internet, Zip Actually Cares About Its Now-And-Then Customers

Needing a partial load or a jam-packed trailer full from your business may only happen now and then. Maybe only monthly or twice a month. Maybe only quarterly.

Lots of businesses fall into that category. Good businesses. Small to medium size.

The Infrequent Shipper, the Low Volume Shipper. Whatever it’s variously called in the transportation industry, it often means the business it’s referring to is at the mercy of trucking firms that barely want to serve them.

Too much hassle, many companies say.

Not enough regular cash flow … so let’s not bother with them, they say.

But you know what Zip Xpress says to that?

Bring it on!

We love our cyclical, once-in-a-while, infrequent customers. Their product is as important in the marketplace as the things cranked out in huge volume by the bigger companies. And just because a carrier isn’t getting the big bucks from a single, frequent client doesn’t mean the smaller client should be sneered upon.

The large carriers that can’t be bothered with cyclical customers simply miss the point. Those customers can be very good for the bottom line, over time. After all, lots of infrequent shipping is done to move high-value product, and the companies behind that product really want to find and develop a good carrier relationship for their specialized items.

Let’s take some examples from industries around the Midwest and their vast web of supplier firms large and small. Some of those suppliers are quite small, in fact, and they finish for shipping only a few key products per month, such as:

  • One massive, truckload –size “chassis harness” conveyor prototype an automaker wants to test on its Detroit robotic line. Very infrequent truckload customer from a Grand Rapids design shop
  • Seven self-driving security-cam golf carts for patrolling new-vehicle holding lots in California. Once-a-quarter shipper from a Battle Creek golf-cart plant
  • Customized reception area office furniture module headed for a cosmetic surgery clinic in Miami. First-time customer from a “boutique” furniture-maker in South Haven

Yes, these are the kind of infrequent shippers that the big carriers and others simply can’t be bothered to serve.


Do they not see the potential for each of these ventures to become major companies … and clients?

Do they think their money’s not as green?

Zip does. Every customer is a good customer, and we treat them that way.

So … Low Volume, Slow Volume, Infrequent-or-whatever businesses? Bring it on!

We’ll be there for you.