Michigan: King of Automation

West Michigan: King of Automation

With a long history as the automobile production capital of the United States, it’s no surprise that Michigan ranks as the most highly automated state in the nation. In fact, the state accounts for 12 percent of the country’s industrial robots. While Detroit remains the leader in the automation with 8.5 robots for every 1,000 workers, Western Michigan is experiencing an automation boom of its own. In Grand Rapids, there are 6.3 robots for every 1,000 workers, making it the most automated of all mid-size cities.

With automation sweeping across Western Michigan and robotic technologies continually improving, there are many changes taking place across various industries. Increased manufacturing output creates a need for more quality control and places a heavier burden on the supply chain. As more businesses flock to West Michigan, there is an amplified need to bring in their machines as well as ship out the items they produce. Supply chain managers must make changes to ensure they are keeping up with the improved efficiencies of automation.

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