The Benefits of Headload and Partial Shipments

Transporting goods continues to become more expensive thanks to new laws and a dire shortage of truck drivers. Capacity is on a constant decline. There are more candidates entering the truckload workforce, but the influx of workers hasn’t offset the demand for trucks. These issues have been costly for shippers, but there are multiple strategies to alleviate the stress that decreased capacity has put on transportation customers. One such strategy is utilizing headload and partial truckloads rather than moving all shipments as full truckloads.

Many customers make the common mistake that the most cost-effective method is to ship the freight as a full truckload – even if it only takes up half of a trailer. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. In many cases – especially on cross-country runs – finding partial or headload solutions will be cheaper than LTL rates with common carriers. Here at Zip Xpress we offer competitive rates and provide superior service with our headload hauls by consolidating our shipments and minimizing terminal transfers.

When shippers employ a truck driver to haul a partial load as a full shipment, they are driving rates up across the country by contributing to the tight capacity shortage. They are also adding to the wear and tear of our highways since an excessive number of trucks are being put to work. If customers take a strong look at their truck usage, they may find that they are not working at maximum efficiency levels. Utilizing partial and headload shipping options can be a substantial cost-saver as well as help shippers to better coordinate their production and transportation schedules. To see how we can utilize our headload shipping service with your business, get started with Zip Xpress today!