Headload Service

Tackling the Trucker Shortage Using Freight Optimization

It’s no secret in the shipping industry that there are currently not enough truck drivers to keep up with manufacturing demand. Shippers are struggling to get their products delivered on time because it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure a driver. As capacity gets tighter and tighter, rates increase across the board, putting even more stress on shippers and manufacturers. Although recruitment efforts for drivers can help alleviate these problems, we must face the reality that there will likely be a shortage of drivers as long as production keeps up with its current pace. In this challenging environment, shippers must focus on freight optimization to reduce costs and maximize efficiency.

In the past, it was sometimes cheaper to ship a large partial shipment at a full truckload rate. Carriers were struggling to find freight, so they would take cross-country shipments for sometimes comically low rates just so that they could get to their next pickup. Shippers could often ship just a few pallets for a cheaper rate on a dedicated truck. Today that is not the case, and drivers can demand much higher rates for the same lanes. Because of this, it has become more economical to consolidate multiple shipments in order to get a break on price.

Partial and LTL shipments will help save money for the shippers in the long run. Many shippers have been wary of sharing their truck with other freight, citing damage, shifts, or even theft as potential downfalls. However, thanks to how we secure each shipment the reward of shipping partial or LTL far outweighs the risk. We provide savings and ensure that every delivery will arrive undamaged. This also creates more sustainability through reduced fuel consumption and ‘wasted air.’ To see how our partial shipments can benefit you, start today with Zip Xpress!