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How to Help Truckers Stay Motivated

In any field of work, there are going to be periods where it is hard to stay motivated. Driving a truck is no different, but sometimes motivation can be even more difficult to find. Driving long hours and long distances every day can result in burnout, and many truckers feel as though they are not appreciated enough to continue to put in the hard work. Some drivers are able to find inspiration from within, but there are ways carriers can encourage their drivers to stay on the road.

One universal motivating factor is good pay. Some carriers continue to shortchange their drivers and offer minimal compensation packages. This is no way to keep employees motivated. Coming up with a fair payment plan is the first step a carrier can take to inspire their drivers and prevent employee turnover. With many boomers retiring from the profession, carriers will need to entice millennials to become their replacements, and the promise of a strong income is something many younger workers are looking for.

Companies should also focus on providing a good work-life balance. It can be difficult for drivers to be away from their families for long periods of time, and carriers should not abuse their willingness to be on the road. Drivers should have the flexibility to be able to come home and spend time with their kids if that’s what they value. Of course, a driver knows that he will be on the road when he signs up for the job, but he is more likely to continue performing at a high level if his job doesn’t interfere with his ability to enjoy life.

Other small incentives can work wonders. A hundred dollar reward to drivers for getting a load delivered quicker than expected is a great incentive. Gift cards or tickets to sports events also show truckers how much you appreciate their hard work. Little rewards go a long way to keeping morale up.

It’s important that driver motivation should come from within. However, the more carriers can align their goals with those of the drivers, the more successful they will be. The more prepared drivers are for the future, the more they’ll understand the importance of hard work. When they realize the reward at the end of the road, they may find more motivation throughout their career. At Zip Xpress, we treat our drivers with the utmost respect, and we do everything we can to ensure they can have time to be with their families. We take the extra steps in coordinating the delivery to make our driver’s job as simple as possible. To see how our drivers can help with your next shipment, get started with Zip Xpress today!