manufacturing and sustainability

Manufacturers are Paving the Way as Environmental Stewards

For many, the image that comes to mind when they think of pollution is the factory sending billows of smoke into the atmosphere. However, today’s manufacturers have become some of the most environmentally-conscious patrons of the environment, and they continue to strive to reach new goals in sustainability. Thanks to widespread social awareness and changes in attitude, manufacturers are making it a point to reduce their carbon footprint and participate in programs that promote a cleaner, healthier environment for everyone.

An impressive 93.8% of manufacturers report that they track their energy consumption, meaning that the vast majority of organizations are at least paying attention to their impact on the planet. This is a positive trend across the board, because it means that organizations are showing a desire to make improvements rather than doing so only to comply with rules and regulations. It makes sense from a financial standpoint too, as investment in green energy can help organizations to break free from the expensive and inefficient shackles of fossil fuels. Investing a little extra now will provide major benefits in the long run as renewable energy becomes the healthier, more productive, and less expensive option. We at Zip provide our customers their own carbon footprint report as well as our own company-wide one. You’ll be able to see the direct impact your sustainability efforts have.

Manufacturers, however, aren’t the only companies that can contribute to a cleaner environment. We are placing a major emphasis on sustainability and in doing so are helping our partners reduce their footprint as well. By optimizing the space in our trailers, we’re putting fewer trucks on the road and releasing fewer emissions on a daily basis. These solutions, based on maximizing the efficiency of the trailer and the truck, are only the beginning. With a mentality of always looking for the most efficient answer and keeping it sustainable, we at Zip Xpress promise to be the sustainable transportation option for the foreseeable future. To experience our sustainable options for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!