sustainability in packaging

Sustainability in Packaging

Most people don’t often think about the effect that packaging has on their shipments or on the environment, but the truth is that packaging is very significant. It makes up 23% of our landfills and has a sizable effect on the environment. This is why many forward-thinking companies are re-evaluating their packaging programs and placing a focus on sustainability. The benefit here isn’t only in reducing carbon emissions and being environmentally friendly, but also saving money in the long run as the world shifts toward a more sustainable mindset.

Consider that a standard wooden pallet weighs about 50 pounds. A truckload carrying 26 double stacked pallets is hauling 2,600 pounds of pure packaging. Any extra weight on a truck contributes to higher emissions, and companies are becoming aware of the fact that they can save money down the line by spending a little more on efficient packaging. The corrugated pallet, for example, only weighs about 19 pounds, and while it isn’t always as strong as a wooden pallet, manufacturers are continually improving the quality of their corrugated pallets in an attempt to rival their wooden counterparts.

This is big news for environmentally-conscious companies as well as those looking to reduce costs. The slightly higher price of the corrugated pallet can be easily offset by savings on fuel, the ability to optimize space, and the lower disposal costs. That’s not to mention that corrugated pallets are less prone to rot and infestation. These innovations are a step in the right direction, but an even better means to this end is to eliminate the need for packaging entirely.

Zip Xpress is leading the way to make this a reality. Our entire model is designed around minimizing handling. Less handling means less need for packaging to prevent damage. Every shipment is properly secured by an expert freight handler and each trailer is fully optimized to ensure we are not trading a reduction in packaging waste for an increase in emissions waste.

Our process allows shippers to eliminate their packaging waste, minimize their carbon emissions footprint, and price their products more competitively. This triple win continues to help Michigan shippers attract the growing base of customers who are committed to going green. To see examples of successful zero-packaging shipments and learn about other efforts in our drive for sustainability, get started with Zip Xpress today!