The Shifting Market and the Road Ahead

2018 was a great year for transportation providers. The manufacturing boom led to record demand in the shipping sector, which forced everyone in the supply chain to hone in on their logistics partnerships. Shippers realized how important carriers are to their growth and created flourishing partnerships. Reliability and optimized loads were proven out during 2018, with manufacturers reaping the benefits from these sustainable logistics practices.

2019 presents a lot of opportunity for shippers to partner with a trusted and reliable carrier like Zip Xpress due to a changing rate market. The markets may shift, but one thing’s for sure, there’s always a need for optimized shipments to arrive on time and undamaged. With manufacturers experiencing the current economic boon, they don’t want to see losses from their products damaged, they want those products to arrive on-time and undamaged. They want a carrier they can trust in the midst of a softening market. They don’t want instability, they want reliability. We’re here to provide guidance, increased capacity and excellent customer service to manufacturers who’re ready to partner with a reliable carrier.

At Zip Xpress, we are aware of the changing market conditions, but we believe that our service levels and commitment to customer satisfaction will always place us as one of the strongest carriers in our sector. While rates may change, our success is due to our relationships with our customers and vendors. With the market softening, we believe that now is the time to prove our status as the most reliable option. No matter what the price, we will always keep our clients’ needs as our number one priority. To see how Zip Xpress can provide on-time and undamaged service for your company, start today!