Share that Shipment: The Benefits of Partial Truckloads

Many manufacturers still believe that shipping a full truckload is the safest most economical way to ship their freight. This can be true if their order happens to fill the truck completely with no overflow and only go to one location, but more often than not this isn’t the case. With today’s emphasis on lean manufacturing most shipments are less than a full truckload, and many shippers are realizing the benefits of optimizing freight, as it provides for a more sustainable shipment as well as a cut in costs. Zip Xpress has proven time and again that your freight will arrive in adherence to our service standards.

While most providers may require longer transit times for partial shipments, we make it a point to work around you particular delivery requirements, providing you with the assurance you need that your product will arrive on time and damage free. We also offer several expedite options including our pre-planned expedite program, which allows our customers to offer incredibly fast transit without the high costs of traditional expedite options. Our fine-tuned logistics processes ensure that your product won’t have a delay in service with Zip Xpress.

At Zip Xpress, we cater our headload, blanket wrap, pre-planned expedites and LTL solutions specifically to our customers’ needs. Our top priority is creating more sustainable logistics practices while also providing you with unmatched service for your freight. You can rest assured that your freight is in great hands – your company has worked so hard to bring your products to market, the last thing you want is for it to be delayed, lost, or damaged in transit. Why trust inferior shipping when you can go with the experts at Zip Xpress. To see this level of commitment and care for yourself, start today and experience the difference!