Premium is the Standard at Zip Xpress

Logistics has another trend catching on that Zip Xpress has been performing for years. What other companies call ‘Premium Service’, Zip Xpress has been doing since the beginning, and while the other companies tack this on as a premium service, this is the standard offering from Zip Xpress. We believe in providing the best service possible from the start, not when the customer selects ‘Premium Service.’

This trend isn’t surprising since manufacturers aren’t interested in seeing their hard work arrive at its final destination damaged. They’re not interested in the costs of remaking the product, processing freight claims and attempts to salvage their damaged product as well as reputation. With all of the costs tied up in manufacturing their products, plus the value of their customer relationships, manufacturers deserve the best custom carrier solutions available. We partner with our customers so we can learn about their business, learn what challenges they face in shipping their product and providing solutions. It’s what we do day after day, year after year.

Just like with sustainability, Zip Xpress has been focused on doing things right since the very beginning. Our focus is on learning and understanding our customers at every step through the supply chain. We created unique optimization protocols which allow our partners to ship their products with confidence and provide them with the security in knowing that it will arrive on time and undamaged. We can ensure that your product will arrive per our service standards no matter what. The best part of it all? We didn’t need to label this as our ‘Premium Service.’ To us, it’s just the way we do business every day. To see how we can provide exceptional service to your supply chain, start today with Zip Xpress.