Beat the Breakdown

Every year, automobiles becomes more and more reliable. Everything from mopeds, sedans, and commercial trucks have reached a level of quality that we’ve never seen before. Still, it is inevitable that we will experience breakdowns at some point in time, especially when it comes to frequently used long distance trucks. A breakdown on a critical shipment can be a nightmare for the shipper, manufacturer, carrier, and end consumer, and despite being out of anybody’s control, these mechanical failures always seem to come at the worst times. Fortunately, there are some steps that all parties can take to alleviate the pain caused by these situations.

Planning ahead is the most crucial step when it comes to accommodating a breakdown. Carriers should perform routine maintenance and keep their fleets updated to ensure the most reliable equipment is on the road. Manufacturers should do their best to allow some wiggle room when it comes to production and delivery times (although this isn’t always possible). This will help to minimize the likeliness of a breakdown as well as provide more buffer time for solutions. When a mechanical failure does take place, communication is key. Even if it’s something as simple as a flat tire, the carrier should inform the customer immediately. The customer can then relay the message to the manufacturer or receiver, giving the warehouse time to plan for the delay. In critical situations where the load absolutely cannot be late, all parties can work together to find a capable truck that can haul the freight the remainder of the distance.

The most important thing is to remain calm and to avoid placing blame on other supply chain partners. At Zip Xpress we understand a breakdown is nobody’s fault – it’s just an unfortunate fact of life in the transportation industry. We perform routine maintenance on all of our trucks and constantly communicate with whoever is going to receive the shipment. Letting tempers flare and accusing others of service failures only serves to exacerbate the problem and put a strain on the relationship between parties. We understand that we’re in this together with our shippers and will work closely with them to create a solution that will minimize the damage done. To see how we can ensure delivery of your next shipment, start today with Zip Xpress!

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