Supply Chain Collaboration

In an age where virtually any information can be accessed with the click of a button, it’s no surprise that business is becoming more transparent and more competitive. While technological advances have affected all aspects of business, there is no replacement for a human being coordinating and working on ensuring your freight will arrive on time and undamaged. Technologies such as real-time tracking, customer-accessible TMS systems, and automated inventory tracking, are wonderful, but what are you to do if such a system goes down when you’re checking the status of your order. Will you be forced to wait until it’s back online? Collaborating with all the parties of your supply chain and keeping communication channels open will ensure you know where your freight is at all times.

It used to be common for an end user to have no idea where a product was until it arrived at their doorstep. Today, this disconnect shouldn’t exist. Ideally you’re working with a carrier that will plan your shipment alongside you and keep you posted every step of the way. Some of these tools are handy, but technology will never provide your business with the custom carrier solution the way an involved human being can. The interlinking of companies across the supply chain is beneficial, since the constant communication can help ensure that small mistakes will be caught before they turn into catastrophes. No tool can help plan for success like that.

At Zip Xpress, we understand that while these tools can be helpful, nothing replaces personal collaboration with your logistics provider. We help our customers discover the right “mix” when it comes to collaborating through their supply chains. Planning alongside and anticipating the customer’s needs yields its own benefits in ways that technology can’t provide. We want to ensure you have the right collaboration for your supply chain and to discover that for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!

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