Managing Scarcity in Times of High Demand

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to make life more difficult for everyone across the world, but it seems that people have started to adapt. When it comes to the supply chain, this ability to adapt has always been extremely important, especially as companies work together to deal with scarcity and demand spikes. The shutdown of certain industries have left some supply chains in unideal situations, but this has shown the essential need for open lines of communication and collaboration between manufacturers and supply chain partners.

Whether checking with a warehouse to confirm working hours or letting a customer know immediately about a truck breakdown, it is vital to communicate quickly and effectively in order to keep products moving. GPS tracking and online systems are nice, but nothing will ever replace the power of a live conversation. Customers like to know that their carriers are thinking about them and that there is somebody willing to work with them rather than just moving freight and collecting a bill.

The communication doesn’t end with tracking a shipment. Partners in any logistics relationship should be transparent about their current staff capabilities and manufacturing limits. In the end, we are all in this together and should treat each other as equals throughout the life cycle of any shipment. While we believe this should always be the case, the COVID crisis has shed a little more light on the need for functional partnerships in the transportation world. If one positive comes of this, perhaps it will be strengthened relationships between manufacturers, suppliers, and carriers.

At Zip Xpress, we believe in the power of partnerships and treat every shipment as though it were our own. During this time we’ve worked with every member of our supply chain, making calls to ensure deliveries can be made and that companies are open. We understand that our customers and their customers need to know they can be counted on, especially during these uncertain times. To see how we can help with your supply chain needs, start today with Zip Xpress!

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