Building Resilience into Your Supply Chain

While the country is beginning to understand COVID-19, there are still many unknowns of what will happen after the country begins to open up. Companies are anxious to get back to work and executives will start taking a hard look at their enterprises to determine where their resources need to be deployed. One of these areas will inevitably be the supply chain, and with the lingering uncertainty in the marketplace, it’s vital for every business to build resilience into their supply chains.

The first step is take an assessment of your current supply chain. Many companies will be taking a hard look at their processes to see where weaknesses may exist. Flaws in the system will inevitably rise to the surface, but once revealed they can be managed. The second step will be monitoring forecasts as well as planning future shipments. Your organization will be doing a lot of planning in the coming months, but one area that will never change is the importance of your customer service. During times of uncertainty, your reputation will become more important than ever. Customers need to know they can trust your company and that your products won’t arrive damaged at their warehouses. The third step is to work directly with a trusted carrier in structuring your supply chain. Shopping online with freight brokers doesn’t provide you with the expertise needed to build a resilient supply chain. It reduces your freight to nothing more than a transaction and puts your hard earned reputation at risk.

At Zip Xpress, we understand the importance of building a resilient supply chain. We know how much your reputation matters and endeavor to ensure excellent customer service for your customers. We’re working hard with companies on both sides, making phone calls to ensure companies are open and that they have the staff capacity to accept their freight. We’re in constant communication with our customers to ensure they’re getting the custom carrier solutions they need to keep their supply chains resilient, no matter what happens next. To see what solutions we can provide for your business, start today with Zip Xpress!

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