How Remote Work Affects Logistics

Working from home isn’t exactly a possibility for truckers. It is, however, becoming the reality for many behind-the-scenes workers in transportation. While the logistics industry as a whole may have been late to join the work from home model, 2020 showed us that it is indeed possible. Many dispatchers, sales associates, and analysts have been able to perform their jobs from their home. They still need to go to the office on occasion, but it seems that the future of transportation may switch to a hybrid model.

When it comes to operations at Zip Xpress we prefer a “hands-on” approach since every shipment needs to be optimized on campus. We have procedures and protocols that we wish to follow to ensure the proper documentation and optimization of every shipment, however we follow all guidelines pertaining to social distancing and mask wearing. We also prefer creating custom carrier solutions in-house as well since the ability to collaborate is more effective when our team members are a room or two away.

At Zip one area that does work remotely is our sales team, since companies are preferring to conduct sales calls remotely. We’re delighted to work with companies that wish to conduct business remotely and are able to answer any and all questions through a phone or virtual call. We still believe that a phone call is the best method of doing business since you have a direct line of communication and we can get the best understanding of a problem you have, which allows us to create the best custom carrier solution for your business.

At Zip Xpress, we understand that regardless of whether companies are remote or not, they want dedicated service in ensuring every shipment arrives undamaged and on time. Our goal is to provide that service through whatever means possible and we’re happy to work with any company virtually or in person. The means of communication aren’t important, what matters is dedication in getting the shipments to their destination undamaged and on time. To see this for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!

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