Why Trusted Carriers Matter to Manufacturers

We’ve all experienced delays in shipping. Mechanical breakdowns, inclement weather, and traffic are unavoidable parts of life. Experienced manufacturing and logistics professionals understand that these are problems that they will face on a regular basis. What’s harder to understand is when these delays aren’t communicated to the customer. Sometimes, a simple phone call might be all it takes to avoid a catastrophic production line shutdown or retail storefront shortage. However, many transportation providers still seem to think that proactive communication is not an important service offering.

Large national carriers are undoubtedly successful, and they provide wide-ranging services that help many customers reach their delivery goals. Yet they experience the same inevitabilities as other carriers, and sometimes their customers suffer more because of it. When a breakdown happens, it’s likely that the customer won’t know until they call in to inquire about a delay. Larger, corporate customers will be given priority on the recovery because they provide more volume. Smaller customers simply get a new delivery date without much effort to correct the error or you’re told to check their website, only to see a product hasn’t moved in three days.

This is all part of big business, so we can’t blame these mega carriers for making decisions that help their bottom line. That said it’s important for manufacturers to remember that national carriers are not their only option. Logistics managers would be wise to build relationships with dedicated carriers who would value their business. Many of these providers know the importance of communication and will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Working with a specialized carrier will open new opportunities you may not have even realized existed, creating a more robust and effective supply chain. When something goes wrong, customers can expect to speak with a real representative who understands the issue rather than sitting through multiple phone prompts only to be told that there is no way to fix the delay.

At Zip Xpress, we understand what it takes to be a trusted carrier for our manufacturing partners. Every time a customer calls, they will speak with a person who will do whatever they can to assist with the shipment or direct the customer to someone who can help. Either way, customers who call Zip Xpress always get a person, never a machine. Our experience with our customer’s industries has familiarized us with the unique challenges associated with their freight, which is how we’re able to create a custom carrier solution for every company we partner with. To see for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!

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