Maximizing Fuel Efficiency

It’s no surprise that fuel prices spike in the summer, but with an index that has been rising all year, higher fuel prices will be a reality for this year. For fleet owners, fuel prices pose a significant challenge, either impacting a company’s bottom line or forcing shippers to pay higher rates. It is essential for fleet managers and owners to take some steps to maximize their fuel efficiency for every trip.

Prioritize More Efficient Routes

A lot of fuel can be wasted simply by choosing the wrong route – which in some cases may even be the shorter route. Paying attention to traffic patterns and road conditions can help minimize idling time while also reducing wear and tear on the trucks.

Perform Regular Truck Maintenance

The most efficient truck is one that is maintained meticulously. Keeping tires at the correct pressure, tuning up the engine, changing the oil, and monitoring air filters can all help to improve fuel efficiency. Regular maintenance goes a long way in keeping trucks fuel efficient, drivers satisfied and prevents major breakdowns.

Encourage Safe, Relaxed Driving

Aggressive driving will severely lower your miles per gallon on any trip. Accelerating too quickly, frequently breaking, and shifting too often not only reduce fuel efficiency, but they can wreak havoc on equipment. It might be difficult to change driver habits, but rewarding safe driving is beneficial for carriers and their employees.

At Zip Xpress, we understand the importance of maximizing fuel efficiency when it comes to developing a more sustainable fleet. Our routine maintenance schedules help keep our trucks in prime condition, while we also focus on working with our drivers to ensure their safety and that their needs are met. Each step we take in maintaining our fleet helps keep our drivers and customers satisfied since deliveries will be made on time and undamaged. Each step allows us and our customers to become more sustainable, which can be seen in our carbon reduction reports. To see these benefits for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!

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