Improving the Customer Experience

If there is one message that bears repeating, it’s the value of great service. The importance of improving the customer experience can’t be understated because customers simply deserve better. In logistics, superior service is called bringing out the white glove where shipments are handled with extra care and charge a premium to do so. Here at Zip Xpress, we treat every shipment with care, but we don’t tack this on as an additional expense – this is simply our standard for all of our customer’s shipments. There are other ways to improve the customer experience beyond handling their shipments.

Improving the customer experience also means being available whenever a customer has a question or wishes to submit a quote. The back and forth of leaving a voicemail (or an unanswered email!) can be such a waste of time and customers are left feeling that they’re not valuable. At Zip Xpress, every phone call is answered by a person willing to help the customer get the answers they need. Most of our staff is trained to provide customers with a quote, which ensures that a customer’s deliveries can be made on their schedule. This also ties into the belief that great service must span the entire organization. Consistency is key and every employee must be trained in treating customers with utmost respect.

Partnering with a customer’s business is critical in delivering great customer service. When you understand the industries you serve, you’re able to anticipate the needs of the customer and work to solve their problems as though they were your own. You can devise unique solutions for your customers and provide them with the advice that they find valuable. Here at Zip Xpress we call these our custom carrier solutions and they enable us to solve any problem a customer may have to ensure their shipments will arrive undamaged and on time.

At Zip Xpress, we have always recognized the importance of great service. We strived to set ourselves apart by optimizing every shipment for our customers. From there we focused on other details, from keeping our offices organized and clean to ensuring our drivers are happy and will delight our customers upon delivery of their shipments. We sought to create the personal touch that delights our customers with every shipment and all of our focus here at Zip has been on delighting the customer. To see for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!

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