Optimizing Your Transportation Network

One of our goals is to keep our shipments and transportation networks optimized at all times. All of our efforts are focused on this goal since optimizing shipments helps ensure that deliveries are made on time and undamaged. Optimizing transportation also has the benefit of creating a more sustainable fleet since there is a reduced amount of “empty space” that customers are no longer paying for. Here are a few tips manufacturers can use when it comes to optimizing their network.

Set Optimization Goals

Are you looking to get your high-volume shipments to customers as quickly as possible? Or do you manufacture high end products and are looking to make sure your unique freight always arrives undamaged? Optimization looks very different between companies and your ideal may look very different from a company in another industry.

Consider All Stakeholders

Freight optimization starts with the customer. Asking them about the frequency of deliveries, cost expectations and transportation schedules allows both companies to create an optimized network that works with all parties. Keeping carriers in the loop helps ensure they can work around your schedule and keep your customers satisfied by receiving deliveries when they expect them.

Anticipate and Communicate Hurdles

Optimization is a process. Expect there to be hurdles and keep all stakeholders in the communication loop. As long as all parties are working together, the hurdles will themselves smooth out and in time, the transportation network will be a fully optimized supply chain.

Work with the Best Carrier for Your Business

Every carrier is different and it’s important to find the carrier best suited for your freight. The worst solution is to turn to brokers who will force carriers into providing you with cut-rate service. This is a short-term solution, a mistake we’ve seen too many times. Working with a carrier directly will ensure you’ll get the best outcome in designing your optimized transportation network for the long run.

Here at Zip Xpress, we understand the importance of optimization. Everything we do is driven towards optimization, from the way we handle our shipments to the way we clean our offices. We work closely with all of our partners in optimizing their supply chains, creating what we call custom carrier solutions which ensures that every shipment arrives undamaged, on time and to the customer’s satisfaction. If you’d like to see how we can optimize your transportation network, start today with Zip Xpress!

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