Simplifying the Supply Chain

It is no secret that any supply chain can become complex. With so many articles and newsreels about backups, driver shortages, and congestion (both local and international), it would be understandable if a shipper found themselves wondering: will my customers receive their shipments on time? The supply chain is a key component of any business and what you want more than anything is to keep your customers satisfied by ensuring that your products arrive undamaged and on time.

One of the key ways to reduce complexity in your supply chain is to partner and work with a carrier you can trust. Working with a carrier directly removes the constant search for quotes and back-and-forth communication you will have with a freight broker. As an added benefit, you won’t be leaving your freight ‘up to chance’ to be handled by a random company where you have no idea how they communicate with customers (if at all), or some of their other policies pertaining to your shipment. The best option for mid-sized companies going forward is to partner with a carrier rather than spend countless hours on the hunt with brokers in hopes of getting a shipment to its destination on time.

Here at Zip Xpress, we understand the need of simplifying the supply chain. That’s why when we work with a customer, we partner with them and handle nearly every aspect of their shipment. We help schedule the pickup and delivery of your products, making phone calls and facing all of the problems along the way through the life of your shipment. We have specialized systems and processes for every level of our business, all guided under the premise of helping our customers get their shipments to their destination on time and undamaged. We have helped hundreds of companies over the course of 20 years build their supply chains and maintain a 99% retention rating as well. Want to see such dedication to your shipments? Then start today with Zip Xpress!