Keeping Great Service in Times of Congestion

As final shipments are being made for the year, everyone is rushing to meet the deliveries in the midst of congested supply chains everywhere. Now it is more critical than ever to remember the importance of keeping great service during times of congestion, since every member of the supply chain’s shipments may be taking longer to arrive than expected due to forces beyond their control. Here are a few ways we recommend keeping great service during times of congestion.

First, communicate any and all delays to all members of the supply chain. Going out of your way to communicate with vendors and customers will help ease tensions between all parties, especially when they know why. While it can be hard to admit when production or a shipment is behind schedule, providing the reasons allows for understanding, especially when you call them over the phone. Everyone is more understanding when they speak to another human being and bringing each member of the supply chain into the fold allows for solutions to arise that didn’t exist before. 

Another key to providing great service in times of congestion is for companies to collaborate with their logistics provider to determine forecasting. Once companies have a greater understanding of their supply chain schedules, they can develop a flexible plan that governs when they order materials and coordinating shipping schedules with customers to ensure they can get products to their door when they need them. This also allows flexibility to be built into the supply chain which causes the supply chain to absorb any delays and still allow a shipper to deliver their products on time. Such collaborative efforts allow shippers to reap the benefits of improved satisfaction and more orders from faithful customers.

Here at Zip Xpress, we understand the importance of great service. Everything we do is designed to provide greater service for our customers and it is a value of ours that never falters. Whenever you call our office, you will speak with a person, never a machine. When we work with you, we coordinate with you and your customer for pickup and delivery, maintaining a schedule that works with everyone involved. Our friendly drivers will greet your customers with a smile, because they understand how important an impression on a customer is. Everyone at Zip Xpress is dedicated to great service and it’s the key value that connects us as an organization. To see for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!