The State of Manufacturing for 2022

This year promises to be an interesting year for manufacturing as the sector plans to tackle multiple challenges surrounding production and the supply chain. In our State of Manufacturing for 2022, we believe that the biggest areas manufacturing will focus on are: further investment in automation technology, localized sourcing of suppliers and additional focus on getting shipments delivered on time and undamaged.

Continued Investment in Automation

One of the key challenges in manufacturing is the current labor shortage. Many of the sector’s most experienced workers are retiring and there are not enough candidates who will take their place. Manufacturers since have been investing in automation technology to keep up with demand from consumers and that trend is only going to continue since record numbers of orders are being placed. The investment in automation technology has helped create a boon in production, which will likely trigger additional demand for more automation investment.

Localized Sourcing

Another key trend that is likely to continue for manufacturers is the development of localized sourcing of suppliers. Localized supply chains come with a different set of challenges that many manufacturers may not be aware of, such as the types of delays that may occur on the local scene. Manufacturers will also be focused on finding multiple suppliers for critical parts, increasing inventory of these critical products, and sourcing raw materials from multiple suppliers, all in an effort to build resilience into their supply chains. With the redesign of the supply chain containing such a localized focus, manufacturers would best work with a carrier that maintains a localized/regional focus to advise and assist their shipping needs.

Getting Deliveries on Time

The final area manufacturers will be working hard at is getting all of their shipments delivered on time and undamaged. Keeping delivery schedules at a time where setbacks, delays and other changes in schedules is a challenge many manufacturers find themselves facing over and over again. With all of these delays posing risk to a shipment, the worst thing that can happen is when the shipment arrives damaged. Producing and sending out another shipment causes a further increase in risk and causes frustration with customers whose product is now delayed much later than originally expected. Manufacturers will work hard to ensure that their shipments arrive at their destination undamaged and on time.

Here at Zip Xpress, we understand the challenges manufacturers will be facing in 2022 and we’re ready to help the companies we have the privilege of working with face those challenges. With our unique focus on localized supply chains as well as our dedication to service, we can help you build resilience into your supply chain, ensuring that you have the right options when you need them the most. Our dedication to service ensures that every shipment we handle will arrive undamaged and on time, while we coordinate pickup and delivery with you and your customers, saving you time and energy while you focus on running your business. No matter what challenge you’re facing, Zip Xpress is here to help. To see for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!