Building Resiliency into the West Michigan Supply Chain

There have been a lot of articles written about supply chain resiliency or building resilience into supply chains, but not much explanation into what resiliency means. Resiliency is about making your company less reliant on one supplier for all of your materials and components in a product, essentially diversifying your supplier base. While this is not a new or novel idea, the past two years have forced companies to adapt due to an increase in demand for products, while also creating a lack of supply in material components. Such market forces have called for companies to restructure their manufacturing processes and as a result, their focus is on building resilience.

Resilience however will only be as strong as the companies endeavoring upon it. Without keeping constant communication and collaboration with suppliers, companies may find themselves managing a supply chain that has become too complex. At the same time if we treat resilience as an excuse to treat suppliers poorly, then service from all parties will inevitably decline. However, if we treat this adaptation as a chance to build stronger relationships with all of our supply chain partners utilizing a win-win mentality, stronger businesses will emerge in the process that can adapt their production and logistics in response to just about anything.

Here in West Michigan, many manufacturers are in the process of sourcing new suppliers and finding new lines of production on a daily basis. West Michigan manufacturers have a strong regional advantage since there are so many manufacturers located throughout the midwest. Yet as manufacturers redesign their supply chains, they will inevitably need assistance from a trusted carrier to ensure that the shipments from these suppliers will arrive undamaged and on time. As manufacturers begin to localize their supply chains, seeking out a trusted carrier who specializes in local and regional logistics will be paramount for success for manufacturers within West Michigan.

Here at Zip Xpress, we understand the importance of resiliency within the supply chain. We are always working internally to solve the logistical challenges of getting a shipment to its destination on time and undamaged. We work with both the shipper and the customer, coordinating pickups and deliveries in a way that most carriers simply don’t. We will guarantee satisfaction for every member of your supply chain while also building the resilience that will keep your company strong. No matter what logistical challenges your company is facing, we have a custom carrier solution that can help you overcome it. To see for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!