Strengthening West Michigan’s Supply Chain

The past few years have shown all of us how one impact in our supply chains can have a domino effect, even here in West Michigan. Everyone is working hard to put the pieces of their supply chains back together, whether that’s working with suppliers to find new sources of raw materials, or developing new inventory management systems. West Michigan businesses will face many challenges, but here are a few areas businesses can review when working to strengthen their supply chains.

Identify Weak Spots to Improve Workflows

If you have not done so already, it is vital to review your supply chain and any weak spots in an effort to improve workflows. Investing time and resources into updating (or sometimes creating) processes to make your business more effective pays dividends in the long run. You can also determine which inventory strategies work best for your business as well as reviewing suppliers of crucial parts and materials. These efforts in taking steps to limit disruptions will make your business more resilient in an environment where reliability is now a competitive advantage.

Multiple Contingency Plans

Every business leader knows the value of a good contingency plan, however there are times when you don’t need just a Plan B, but also a Plan C & D. Working with your supply chain partners to develop these contingency plans will help you and your stakeholders feel more secure in your decisions and ability to move forward. It’s also vital to recognize that such contingency plans are developed on an ongoing basis since there are so many variables that can change on a dime. As you assess your sourcing strategy and develop plans based on customer demands, you can become proactive by determining what you need, when you need it and place your orders accordingly.

Closer Collaboration

The last area that deserves attention in overcoming supply chain fragility in West Michigan is communication and collaboration. Since there are so many links in the supply chain, it is important to develop a communication plan with everyone involved as well as developing a vision that everyone can share. Making phone calls and discussing how companies can work together in the long run will also reduce the ‘reactive’ state that so many businesses hate being in. Collaboration across the supply chain is a proven strategy in building supply chain resilience, because when you know your supply chain is there for you, you can proceed with confidence.

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