Getting the Service You Deserve

If there is anything that we here at Zip aspire for, it’s better service. This mentality drives everything we do, from our procedures to how our drivers interact with customers. Yet when we hear over and over the lackluster service that so many carriers have provided to shippers recently, we can’t help but balk at such poor treatment. It is absolutely essential that all shippers receive the best service possible because shippers are the key to a dynamic supply chain. Shippers and carriers need each other and when one disrespects the other with poor service, conflict will become inevitable and not only will a customer be lost, reputations will be damaged as well.

Shippers no doubt face rising rates from their carriers and while most of these rate increases are inevitable – whether due to tightened capacity or rising costs, it doesn’t help when shippers see these rate increases paired alongside subpar or even poorer service. Shippers are in the business of creating products for their customers and carriers have the important responsibility of ensuring that those products arrive on time and undamaged. When a carrier breaks a promise of getting a shipment to its final destination in the pursuit of an ‘easier lead’ they’re only hurting themselves, because shippers always remember how a carrier treated them. 

It is vital that carriers set a better service standard for their customers. It was not that long ago when many carriers were facing their greatest challenges and the market has proven that it will always provide more challenges for us to overcome. As for the shippers: always remember that there are carriers willing and ready to take your shipments and provide you with the best service you will ever ask for. There are carriers willing and able to provide you with the options you need to build a better, more resilient supply chain, one that won’t leave you under the misguided belief that there is always another customer waiting in the wings.

Here at Zip Xpress, we understand the importance of better service to our customers. We communicate with customers every step of the way in their shipment, scheduling pickup and dropoff over the phone so that we can remain transparent. When you call Zip Xpress, you will speak with a person, never a machine because we don’t believe you need to wait for a call back in order to get your shipments moving. We also can assist with all of your shipping problems and guarantee that we have a custom carrier solution that will work for your business. To see for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!