How to Show a Truck Driver You Care

This week we show our appreciation to a working class of Americans who have seen us through thick and thin, keeping the shelves of our stores and businesses filled with every necessity we can possibly imagine. The American economy is built upon trucking as our primary logistical network. The importance of drivers and their contribution to keeping our economy running cannot be overstated. While many have had multiple supply chain situations to navigate, our drivers have been the bridge in getting these goods to the consumers. Let’s review some of the ways we can show our appreciation to these hard working professionals.

One way to show drivers your appreciation is to give a shoutout on social media. The logistics provider C. H. Robinson has published the hashtag #ThanksForEverythingLiterally as a way people can thank truck drivers who keep our lifestyles possible. You can also thank a driver in person if you come across one in your daily routine. Giving thanks to drivers lets them feel valued for what they have done because if you take a moment and look at all of the items around you and realize that a driver delivered them to the store or warehouse you got them from, you realize just how much drivers do for us.

Another way to show your appreciation is if you see a driver at a rest stop or a restaurant, consider paying for their food & drinks. A simple act such as this one would make anyone’s day and make a person feel appreciated. Your compassion to these drivers who are under a lot of pressure will go a long way in showing how much you appreciate them. Remember, drivers have a stressful job and are under a lot of pressure to keep moving in order to get their deliveries to their destination on time. On top of that, there is always another shipment waiting for him, so a driver’s job is rarely ‘done.’

Most of all, one of the best ways you can show appreciation to drivers is by being respectful to them while they’re on the road. Avoid cutting off semi trucks and give them the space they need to merge into traffic or change lanes. The machinery they’re driving requires a skillset and forces them to exercise caution. When drivers aren’t given the space they need it puts many people in danger because it is very easy for one of these machines to get away from a person, even if they are experienced in handling the machine. Giving drivers the space they need makes their jobs easier, helps them get to their destination on time, and keeps everyone safe.

Here at Zip Xpress, we understand the importance of showing our appreciation to drivers. We do what we can to show our drivers just how important they are to us. We listen to their concerns, provide training and keep their vehicles in tip top shape, but we’re always working hard to give them their due respect. It is our hope that we can all show more appreciation to our drivers, because it’s the drivers who are the face of a logistics company. We’re forever grateful for the friendliness and can-do attitude our drivers show when they pick up & deliver every shipment that’s in our care. To see for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!