Creating More Sustainable Solutions

In a recent survey conducted by the business applications firm CGS, 42% of respondents indicate that they would prefer a sustainable shipping solution over expedited shipping. That means there was a willingness to wait longer for a shipment so long as the shipment was delivered sustainably. Now while this particular survey was more focused on retail, the sustainability movement is gaining momentum in every area of the economy. People understand that we need to preserve the world we live in and that we can make a difference so long as we work together to do so. There are many ways we can create a more sustainable supply chain, especially in logistics.


One of the best ways to create a more sustainable supply chain is to reduce the amount of ‘air’ and empty space within trailers. While electric vehicles and biodiesel fuels are still being developed, this is a solution that can be implemented right away. Carriers can work together to optimize shipments and reducing the empty space is vital in preventing only partially filled trucks (oftentimes marked as ‘full trailer’ shipments) from being on the road. Driving these partial trailers consumes fuel, increases damage to highways as well as the trucks themselves. Taking the time to optimize shipments and recycle air helps reduce emissions and create a viable sustainable solution that works for every member of the supply chain.


Another area that we can focus on more sustainable solutions is packaging. There are a lot of advances being made in the field of corrugated packaging and while these are noble, oftentimes we must ask: how many of these shipments truly need packaging? While it’s hard to determine the percentage of shipments that truly need packaging, we know that a lot of shippers use more than is necessary. Working with your carrier to determine the minimum amount of packaging will help provide a clear picture of what is ‘just right’ for your shipments. In many cases, shippers will find that they can safely eliminate packaging from their shipments altogether, thus providing another means of creating a more sustainable supply chain.


Here at Zip Xpress, we understand the importance of creating a sustainable supply chain. We work to optimize every shipment in our care to reduce and most times eliminate the amount of empty space in our trailers. We also work with shippers to reduce and even in many cases eliminate the packaging their shipments contain, creating a more sustainable solution that many may not have considered. Finally, we’re able to prove that all of our measures are making a difference with a monthly carbon reduction report that we provide our customers with. They’re able to see the impact they’re making when selecting us as their carrier of choice. To see how we can help you create a more sustainable supply chain, start today with Zip Xpress!