Focusing on What We Can Control to Deliver Exceptional Service

With so many concerns over the economy, it’s essential for companies to focus on what they can control in order to stay ahead. This is particularly true for carriers such as Zip Xpress, which are at the mercy of fuel prices, weather conditions, labor and other external factors that can affect their bottom line. While we understand that we cannot control some of these factors, we are committed to continuous improvement in every area of our business. Whether that’s in investing in our fleet, finding great people and maintaining a great culture, or providing better service to our loyal customers.

Investing in our fleet and maintenance is one way that we’ve focused on what we can control. We maintain strict maintenance schedules which allows us to keep our trucks in top condition, which helps reduce fuel emissions and minimizes downtime for repairs. We’ll also continue developing our fleet maintenance solution which allows us to utilize a network of repair trucks and facilities located across the country in the event we experience a breakdown. If one of our tractors cannot be repaired right away, we will request an immediate sub-truck to be put on the road, which ensures that delays will be minimal and that your shipment will get to its destination on time.

Another area we’re focusing on is both finding and developing the great people that work for Zip Xpress. Everyone here is focused on your success and we’re all ready to lend a helping hand with your shipment. We also deeply believe in problem solving, because we know that anyone here could provide the ideal solution in getting a shipment to its destination on time and undamaged. We’re always on the lookout for the best and brightest and logistics is always a great field to be a part of.

The last area we can control are the solutions that we offer in caring for our customer’s shipments. Our blanket wrap solution will help prevent scuffs, scratches, and dents during transit. We plan on investing in load bars for our headload optimization solution which will allow shippers to only pay for the space they need inside the trailer. No matter what shipping challenge you find yourself up against, we’re here to provide you with a custom carrier solution that will benefit your business and grow your supply chain.

Here at Zip Xpress, we understand the importance of focusing on what you can control. That’s why we’ll continue to invest in the machinery and the people within this great organization that help keep it great. We’ll also work hard to continue providing you with great service, getting your shipments to their destination on time and undamaged every time. We’ll handle your shipments with the care and dedication that few other carriers can match because we know that these shipments are essential to your business. It’s this dedication that has allowed us to maintain a 99% satisfaction rating with our customers for more than 20 years. To see for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!