Safeguarding Your Office Investment: The Art of Transporting Office Furniture

Transporting office furniture can be a challenging task for any trucking company. The materials that make office furniture, which include leather, synthetic leather, metal, wood and wood composites are not only susceptible to damage, but show all markings. Leathers show scuffs and cuts. Metal can show dents, while wood will show scratches as well as damage from high humidity. It’s not as though high quality office furniture can simply be put inside of a box for shipping – in fact, this is when most damage occurs because warehouse professionals cannot see the product inside and don’t handle it as carefully as it would be best.

Why does damage occur in this way? One area that has been a challenge for carriers is the fact that many warehouses have temporary associates operating their warehouses as opposed to experienced professionals. With temporary warehouse associates, they often don’t make the time to personally inspect shipments before they leave the warehouse to ensure that no damage has occurred. This lack of quality assurance is one of the greatest issues facing office furniture during its time being shipped to the customer and finding a carrier that inspects their shipments on a regular basis is needed now more than ever.

When a shipment arrives damaged, it can be frustrating for both the shipper, the carrier and the customer. There is a significant amount of time spent communicating between the individual parties, as well as either finding alternatives to replace the damaged furniture or the cost of replacement. There’s also the time spent waiting for the replacement(s) to arrive, which adds to the frustration, especially when a company wants to get their office up and running. Getting the shipment to the customer on time and undamaged needs to become top priority, especially in this industry.

Here at Zip Xpress, we understand the importance of getting office furniture to the customer on time and undamaged. Office furniture is one of the products we deal with that needs the most protection, which is why we often use our blanket wrap solution to ensure that no damage occurs during transit. This sustainable packaging can be used over and over again, creating a true green packaging experience. Our experienced freight handlers will treat your furniture with the care it deserves because they see the products they’re handling and have the experience to know how to optimize unique freight. Our processes and solutions have made us the premiere carrier in West Michigan for handling office furniture. To see for yourself, start today with Zip Xpress!